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  • PvP Equipment!

    News 5

    PvP Equipment!
    Good Day Lunarians!
    We have released a new update that brings you some new powerful options to add to your PvP arsenal!
    With this update we bring you the PvP equipment you all know and love! Oh yeah did i mention they all drop with rarity?? (excluding javs and axes)

    These items do degrade into dust but i have heard from some experienced players that you can Alch them before they turn to dust to make some extra profit. The armors have a degrade charge of 1500 per piece and the weapons are 1250 excluding Morrigans weapons.
    All of these drops can be obtained from all bosses in the wilderness!
    King Black Dragon-
    Crazy Archaeologist-
    Chaos Fanatic-
    Chaos Elemental-
    Sea Troll Queen-
    All monsters inside the Wilderness have a chance to drop you the Morrigans weapons.
    Good luck on obtaining these very powerful items!

    Duo Ironman Release!

    News 1

    Duo Ironman
    Hello Lunarians!
    The time has come! Link up with your partner and start constructing your plan. Now, for the first time ever on Lunaris, DUO-IRON MAN mode has been released! 
    Once you log into the game you will now have the option to choose "Duo Ironman" Which will give you a few unique items to start with.

    One of these items is a duo token which is used on your partner to "link" your two accounts allowing trade between only the two of you!

    Make sure you are picking your partners and start working together to progress your accounts faster then if you were alone!
    Good Luck to all that embark on this game mode!
    I cant wait to see the different ways you all choose to go about your accounts!

    $750 in Steam keys!

    News 7

    Lunarians! Attention!
    We will be giving out over $750+ in Steam keys!
    This will be spread out through multiple events and voting competitions!
    Keep your eye peeled for the upcoming events to secure your keys! 
    We will only be doing a certain amount of steam key releases per month so make sure to watch the "Events" section on forums for more information!


    News 13

    Sponsor zone has finally been released for all of our loyal supporters! 
    I want to take a moment to give a shout out to all you who have achieved this rank already and all the future sponsors! We appreciate the continued support from you all, we are gaining momentum rapidly and could not do this without you! We have got some major things coming in 2019 and hope you all are as excited as we are!

    To gain access to this location you must obtain the sponsors rank.

    This is the most exclusive location for skilling with a very unique bossing chamber! In this mystical land you will find many new ways to train your skills and special shops you can access. In the video below the entire zone is explored, If you have any more questions over what is offered pm a staff member in game! 


    Facebook Rewards!

    News 13

    Facebook Rewards!

    Hello Lunarians! We are going to be officially starting a rewards program for everyone who likes and shares our facebook page! When you have the page liked and you send us a picture of you sharing the post on your facebook you will be rewarded!
    You can either post the screen shot here or message us on discord with the proof incase you don't want to broadcast your facebook info. We will be giving out bonus rewards if we go back and check your facebook to see the shared post is still there after one month!

    Christmas Time!

    News 11

    HO HO HO

    It's that time of year everyone! The time where you hear bells ringing, carolers outside your door and a drunk jolly fella crashing into the boxing ring??
    This cant be happening Lunarians!!! Santa has crashed into the boxing ring and his penguins have gone missing!?!? We must help Santa get back home!

    You must set out at once on your festive quest! Grab your mittens and scarfs and to be the first to save Santa's penguins!  All snowglobes are dropped from level 30+ monsters. Once you have a globe and shake it you will be given a clue to where 1 of the 10 penguins are hiding! 
    Make sure you keep your globes in your inventory because once they enter the bank you will be eligible to receive a duplicate globe. When you come across Santa's penguins you must throw a snowball at them to freeze them in place! They are very skittish without Santa around! You must be near their spawn location when you shake the snowglobe!

     You must collect all 10 penguins before returning them to Santa and remember penguins love cold places!
     Once you reunite Santa with his feathery friends he will reward you with a Christmas present!