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    Lunaris Release News


    We have some exciting news to share. After a long and over-due process, we have finally been able to relaunch Lunaris. Read More...

    Hide and Seek!!


    Good day Lunarians! I am going to be lurking in the shadows on 5/8/19 at 8pm EST. I am challenging you all to attempt to set out into the wide world of Lunaris to try to find me! Read More...

    Nex Mass!


    Are you ready to kill some nex? We will be hosting nex masses on may 11th at 3:00 PM EST. Read More...



    LUNARIANS! DOUBLE XP WEEKEND! Starting on 5/17/2019 until 5/19/2019 we will have a weekend full of DOUBLE EXPERIENCE on Lunaris! This will be activated from Friday morning until Sunday night! Extreme gains will be achieved! Read More...

    Flower Poker!


    Hello Lunarians! I am excited to announce that on the 24th of May at 8:00 PM est we will be hosting a flower poker competition! Read More...

    Rune pk event!

    Event PVP

    We will be doing a f2p rune pk event on 10 may 2019 at 6:00 pm est! The supplies you will be using will be supplied! Players will be separated into 1v1s and you will have to kill your opponent to advance to the next round! Read More...

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