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  11. happy to see this progress update looking forward to whats coming next good luck
  12. Hi everyone! In this post, we’re going to explore some of the under-the-hood improvements we’ve been making to Lunaris, round up recent development activity and get you all up to speed on what we have been doing behind the scenes here at the studio! We’ve had another busy month as we continue to grow and adapt our team to match the evolving challenges of game development. Plug(in) And Play The Plug-in system is finally complete! This is a big leap for Lunaris. What does this mean? We can hire anyone who knows how to code, risk free. Which allows multiple developers to work on very complex content simultaneously. This is a system that will open doors for us that were never there before. Freeing us from the constraints of most Servers , allowing us to grow our game exponentially while protecting our community and the integrity of the game to the fullest extent 🙂 For a full explanation of this system and the benefits it holds, check out: https://lunaris.rs/community/index.php?/forums/topic/1728-content-update-may-24-2020/ Client Upgrade Wait, you guys are getting rid of Lunaris?! Answer: Absolutely NOT. We are excited to announce that we are upgrading the Lunaris Game Client. We are upgrading the client for a very simple reason: The client we are using is very old and outdated. A client and a server are two very different things. We are NOT getting rid of Lunaris as a Server. Characters, their items, and all data will not be affected. We are simply putting a new motor and transmission in the good ol’ muscle car. Let's dive into how they are different and expand on the roles they play individually and with each other. What is a Client? A “client” is what gets downloaded onto the users computer when they install a game. The client is responsible for rendering (displaying) the game and its graphics to the user. A client also communicates and sends data to the “server”. Things like player coordinate location, player inventory, and gear changes. What is a Server? A server is the brains of the operation. A server is a central hub to log, interpret, and distribute data being received from each individual player's client. Examples: Logging data - Character saving. Item saving. Current players skilling exp. Interpret data - Where is character XxBlazeiT69 moving? What attack is XxBlazeiT69 making? Distributing data - The server receives information from XxBlazeiT69’s client and sends that information to the other players in the game as needed. Why is this upgrade necessary? The new client will be more robust. The rendering capabilities and overall efficiency of the client will be greatly improved. The existing client is 12+ years old and there has been a lot of significant changes made to clients since then. The UI (User interface) and UX (User experience) will increase greatly. We are very excited to make this leap forward. Our main goal is to provide a seamless experience in-game, on the website, and behind the scenes where developers reside and work. These lifts to the overall game will greatly strengthen the foundation and the pillars in which Lunaris builds on. Open Source We're hard at work putting together a robust back-end framework for the development team as we continue to look to the future. We've decided to open source a few of the projects we're currently using in our day-to-day. These projects are in active development, so expect breaking changes within the near future. You can find detailed information regarding all of our open source efforts via the GitHub links below: https://github.com/lunaris-studios/mirror https://github.com/lunaris-studios/casa https://github.com/lunaris-studios/lunarispkgs In-Game Content We are finishing up a creation doc/template for Chambers of Xeric. This doc will be the blueprint a developer uses to code/build Chambers of Xeric from scratch. Creation docs for Theater of Blood, Alchemical Hydra, Nightmare boss and much more are all in line to be made and then created. We are working hard and steadily on the completion of all missing PVM content. The plug(in) system is going to play a big role here, allowing us to push in-game content at a much faster pace without sacrificing quality. Advertising In preparation for the future we are honing our skills in the social media advertising world. We have been doing rigorous research, training and experimentation with advertising as a whole. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Google are some of the top platforms we are studying up on. We have some efforts in this area to show off to you all. As an experimentation project we have built a Facebook OSRS MEME page from scratch. This has allowed us to test what we have studied and help us learn the ins and outs and nuances of paid advertising, branding and networking. Within a month's worth of time we have grown the page to just shy of 9,000 new users and have had a public reach just shy of 990,000 people. This will be an ongoing project we will continue to learn from. We’re coming right up on 10k followers, and have our sights on 25k followers as our next milestone. Check out the page here: https://www.facebook.com/lunaris.osrs.memes Here’s a bit of a deeper breakdown of the page growth over the last 28 days: Thank You We’ve been heads down since our last post, working hard on all of the development. Unfortunately, we can't share a lot of what we are working on just yet, but we want to reassure the community that we are still here, we are still on the grind, and we still have the vision. Players from the community still reach out on a daily basis to check up on the Lunaris team as a whole, and for that we thank you all. The community has overall been so supportive of our dream and vision for the game and the game studio. Thanks for reading our latest progress update! Keep an eye out for our next update. In the meantime, keep an eye on our official Discord , and social media feeds over the coming days - this blog isn't the only place you can see some new Lunaris material!
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