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  2. let's play the game where someone writes 3 words and you have to add onto it
  3. Getting threatened by a player who is supposedly posting fake screenshots of something she/he photoshopped.. Blackmailing me to sell them a whip for 5m or they will "post these screenshots". Lmfao.

  4. Due to the massively infectious corona virus, just wanted to look out for the homies and suggest that if you just got home from being out and about, MAKE SURE TO WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS before touching your key board and mouse, etc. Peace and love y’all 🤧
  5. Wouldn’t be a bad idea .. although I don’t think PC should be a money maker. Achieving a void set, for example, is much more rewarding IMO. What do you think?
  6. In-game name - Bassnectar Discord: Reflective808#6506 Did someone recommend you? Yes Do you have a mic / Yes or no? Yes  Past Clan Experience - Been a while 😞 PVP or PVM? BOTH , PVP Preferrably
  7. What are your goals here at Lunaris? Why do you enjoy the game so much? Share your story and encourage/influence other players! My goal is to max out and make it on the highscore boards as #1!
  8. Application : In-game name - James Discord: Did someone recommend you? HCIM Flowers Do you have a mic? I do, But cba voice chat on Discord (Wife, kids, etc) Past Clan Experience - None PVP or PVM? both
  9. Yesterday
  10. Great Update, can't wait for more 🙂
  11. Yes! Most importantly wash your hands and then grind away! Welcome Cheech! hope to see you in game.
  12. Thank you for the nice welcomes. I hope to see you all ingame and we can grind together.
  13. How long have you been playing Lunaris for? I've been playing Lunaris for about 2 days now, pretty much every day since release. What have you done during your game time to help other players? I have mainly been answering questions players may have such as where to find npcs, where certain monsters for slayer task are, answering questions retaining to difficulty of completing a feature or mini-game the server has such as jad/fight cave as I do have the fire cape so I've gotten plenty of those questions. I've been guiding the new players on where they should start first, generally I've been sharing my general knowledge of the server that I've learned so far as I am still learning it myself. How active are you on the server? I have consistently been playing for 6+ hours a day since release. Why do you think you would be a good fit for this position? I believe I have the general knowledge of running/maintaining a forum. I've developed plenty of forums in the past so the layout and understanding of the programs used to run forums I am very familiar with. I will be able to make sure post are put under the right sections and make sure post are moved to the right section based on the contents of the post making sure everything is organized as a forum should be and to make sure the rules of the forums are being followed by other users of Lunaris forums. Are you able to take instruction and work without being monitored and meet set deadlines? I am not a person who doesn't like feedback or advice. So, if I've been given instructions on how to do something, that is not a problem. I can get what needs to be done without being monitored and will put 100% effort into making sure the task given was executed to the best of my abilities as well as making sure it is done on a timely manner or within a deadline. I would say I have a firm grasp on time management and will be able to allocate time into completing anything assigned to me. Are you active in the Discord server and on forums? I am active on discord, some of you may know me and some may not. My discord name is Loki_. I am actively engaging on forums such as reading the guides that are here already or thinking of new guides that can be useful for future/current players and I try to welcome the new players who post on forums or engage with the ones using it for their first time. Feel free to list any other comments or additions below that will help us to generate a decision: I haven't been with this server very long but it is very unique and easily intriguing. I have decided to apply for this position because I know as a person I am qualified for this job/position. I want to be able to use my known knowledge/skills to better the forums and make sure it is running how it is suppose to. Thank you for your time and if you have any questions please message me in game or on discord 😄
  14. Loki

    Sit N' Spin (SnS)

    Didn't even know I was on this list, but I don't mind staying on it 😄
  15. Saint

    Mini me

    Mini-me Does not attack donor mobs
  16. Much appreciated for this application - We definitely need this spot filled!
  17. Welcome Cheech! Looking forward to seeing you in game.
  18. Nice updates, thanks!
  19. ============================= PUSHED UPDATES ============================= Bug Fixes: - Fixed a bug with item lending - Fixed a bug that caused boss and skilling pets to disappear Quality of Life changes: - Looting bag can now be opened inside the home area - You can now note and unnote items by using them on the bankers / grand exchange booth at home - Ancient Wyverns are now accessible - Vorkath is now accessible - Top donator can now be achieved by voting as a Heroic Donator - You can now properly mine Pure Essence - Changed the way multi combat spells for in PVM. It should work a little better on larger monsters - Darkened a lot of the rank yell tags to be more visible - Mini-me pets can now train magic. You select their spell by casting the spell you want them to auto-cast on them while they are spawned - Added the Amulet of Avarice effect. It keeps you skulled while you wear it and allows all drops inside Rev Caves to be noted Additional Updates: - Removed the Perdu message when you die. This message was a bit confusing and caused people to believe their untradeables went to Perdu on death =========================================================================================== - Changed the Barrows shout message and removed the old Lunar Wizard from it. =========================================================================================== - Hovering over the world map no longer says teleports =========================================================================================== - Removed and old item from the Achievement shop =========================================================================================== - Fixed up the Emblem Trader and placed one in the wilderness. Have yet to enable the shop but that should come before next update =========================================================================================== - When your starter staff degrades to dust, it will disable the spell from casting =========================================================================================== - Fixed up the Craws Bow. It should work similar to OSRS. It for some reason the wiki was interpreted incorrectly, I will fix it after some feedback =========================================================================================== - Added the Viggora's Chainmace. Again like the above, if something is wrong I will fix it =========================================================================================== - Obelisks now work above level 20 Wilderness
  20. Some of these should already be fixed but thank you for the list. Also the bracelet does grab ether
  21. There is dialogue for failing to light a log, however there are occasions where the animation freezes completely with no dialogue - almost as if the whole action is stopped. When this has occurred I've left the character for a few minutes each time but to no avail. Loving the server BTW, good work
  22. I believe number 4 is you failing to light the logs. Correct me if I am wrong though 🙂 Thanks for the list btw!
  23. Apologies in advance if some of these have already been covered/resolved. I will update this where possible if I personally come across any further bugs or inconveniences. 1) At ::dzone, the spawned fire does not allow you to cook any type of food on it. 2) When scroll zoom is activated, scrolling anywhere on the Lunaris client allows it to zoom in/out (e.g in inventory, minimap, client window, virtually anywhere). 3) Certain achievements currently do not work (cannot complete or start): Thieve 300 stalls Cook 250 foods Shear 10 & 150 sheep String 100 amulets Fail 50 times at Thieving Stall (should be removed or altered as it's not possible to fail thieving any stall in-game) Cut 250 gems Open 70 crystal chests Eat 100 of any food Drink 100 of any potion Kill 75 Cows 4) When lighting any type of log, periodically it can freeze the animation of your character resulting in the action being stopped. The current way to resolve this is to pick up the log and re-light, however on occasions this can happen quite frequently making fire making quite inconsistent. 5) When doing Seers Village Rooftop Course, the roof is blackened/glitched making certain things not visible. 6) Ironman NPC Adam has 2 dialogue functions that currently have no shop interface (Herblore/Farming) 7) Cooking range in Lumbridge Kitchen does not work (food cannot be cooked on it) 8.) Climbing up and down from 3rd to 2nd floor of Lumbridge Castle glitches your character into the stairs, not allowing them to move. Current way to resolve is to teleport out. 9) There are currently no sheep in the Sheep Pen north of Lumbridge, only calves (I don't know if this was intentional due to there being sheep at ::home). 10) Catherby fishing spots do not work. Currently greet you with this error message dialogue when attempting to fish: 11) Monkfish currently offers more XP per catch than Sharks. I am unsure of exact standard xp rates due to DXP currently being active. 12) XP bar can randomly reset to 0. 13) When you burn a piece of food the chat dialogue still says 'you manage to cook the _____'. 14) You can still cook food on a fire even when it has burnt out (turnt to ashes) - the cooking action continues until the inventory is done.
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