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  3. “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” – Carl Jung Hey everyone, the team has been heads down this past week working on the fundamental pillars we touched on in our last blog post. Though we don't have much to show this week for the game, we have some exciting IRL updates to show everyone. Just to be clear, there has been a lot of progress made just not really any that can be shown off. Behind the Scenes We made the first leap to convert the backroom of the house into a studio! Our vision is to host live Q&A with the community, record podcasts where we talk about our current progress and discuss thoughts and ideas about the future of Lunaris. This will open the door for Lunar Studios to upgrade our transparency to the next level with the community. This also includes active social media posts which will give members of our community a sneak peek into a day in the life of the Lunaris Administration! This project is far from complete and will not be ready to showcase for a bit of time, however we have planted the seed and will continue to watch it grow. As we make progress and add new additions to this project we will be sure to keep the community updated. Take a look at what we have so far. These internal investments means that we’re able to level up our values in many many areas, and provide stability for our team. We may look down and out to the average eye, however we are ramping up production more than ever! This is our first game as a Studio, but we’re excited to embrace the challenges that lie ahead. We are excited to go on this journey with you.
  4. love the thread and thank you for the bug fixes appreciate all the hard work dev team
  5. Great update thread! and Patch notes!
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  7. Well said. Gotta hate those malicious devs.
  8. Thanks for the update happy to see you guys working hard to get lunaris to the top
  9. Great update! Cant wait to see what the future holds for lunaris
  10. Nice Blog and Great update, getting some of those smaller things out of the way !
  11. nice update. Keep up the great work. New logo looks pretty sick
  12. idk about making npcs drop rarity but i think rolled items should be able to roll them again i also had a suggestion of adding a certain item that guarantee uncommon+ rarity when rolled
  13. @God_ironman The Infernal cape does drop with rarity. You get a rarity cape once every 12 hours.
  14. In this article, we’re going to touch on a bit of the technology that is at the foundation of the entire Lunaris ecosystem. In order to do so we’ll need to use a bit of technical language, but we’re going to try and break it down with a few visuals to help paint a clearer picture of what we’re up to. We hope that you’ll be excited by the work we’re doing behind the scenes to make the game fast, easy to access, and secure for everyone. Coming from our last content update, a lot of the community still had questions about our plans for the future and what we’re working on right now. Many players are still not fully aware of what we meant by saying we were working on infrastructure. The main question at hand is “How do we understand this thoroughly? And what all is involved?”. [Let's look at a comparison analogy to segway us into what is involved into making these “ Infrastructure” changes.] To help explain where we're at right now and where we're headed, let's take a brief look at the history of the personal computer, and how the greater vision of Lunaris will come to be. The Old and the New The first variations of the standard desktop computer were all built and manufactured as one physical system. The mouse, keyboard and monitor alike were all attached to the core computer. This left very little room for innovation when it came to the system as a whole. Any external changes to the computer were near impossible. As you might imagine, this is a pretty big flaw. If a company wanted to improve on their keyboard, they’d have to go back to the drawing board and redesign a completely new system. In order to get around this issue, companies like IBM and Apple began breaking down the older design into its base components; breaking away the core computer from its counterparts. This modular approach, more than anything else, gave companies the freedom to make changes or add features to these individual components, without having to worry about the specific nuances of neighboring components. With this flexibility, the rate of innovation exponentially increased, giving way to the modern computers of today. As you may know, most RSPS servers are built off the back of very crude and out-of-date code, almost like the first computer we talked about - rigid and unforgiving. In the past, when we’ve wanted to make sweeping changes to game content, in-game user interfaces, or even simple bug fixes, we’ve had to jump through several hoops to get things right. Brandon and the rest of the development team identified these problems all the way back in Lunaris 1.0. After the shutdown of Lunaris 1.0 we spent a lot of time to build and put together the foundation within the core system to allow for a modular game. The main objective now is to convert all of our code, using that modular system, so they can be “ plugged-in “ to the core. Just like the mouse and keyboard plug-in to the “core” computer. In essence, the old content code now needs to use the new system we have built. Now, let's talk about the benefits it will hold and the process we are taking to make this happen. Plug(in) And Play Imagine content such as Chambers of Xeric and Slayer being the mouse and keyboard we previously discussed above with the olden day computer. Right now, this content is hard-wired right into our modem, A.K.A the “core”. Why is this bad? This means that in order for a developer to build content for the game, they need access to our entire “core” in order to run the game to simulate and test their code. In essence, this means handing a developer the entire game in order to make simple updates such as bug fixes or a mini-game update. Currently we have to pick developers very cautiously because our game is at risk each time we hand it out. This new system will remove the “core” from the individual pieces of content the game offers, much like the mouse and keyboard becoming modular with the modem of the modern day computer. We will be able to hire developers to make updates without handing them the entire game. The developer will simply make an update “plug-in”, and we will be able to review the project and then insert it into our game. This will minimize our risk, and allow us to provide a huge quality of life improvement for our developers, giving them the ability to create and test their code securely and efficiently. In order to make this happen, all of the code will need to be reviewed and converted to the plugin system. Some things will be fast and take little effort to convert, while other things such as the combat triangle will take time and precision. We have to make sure that we cross our t’s and dot our i’s so that we ensure a smooth transition. We are estimating that with full focus we can get this task done in a timely manner, roughly a month. Thus allowing us to hire as many developers as we want without trusting them with our entire game. This is a system that will open doors for us that were never there before. Freeing us from the constraints of most Servers , allowing us to grow our game exponentially while protecting our community and the integrity of the game to the fullest extent. We hope this helps shed some light on the importance of this. Now that we have that out of the way, let's get into some art. Wait a Minute I know that some of you are probably thinking "Wait a darn minute, Brandon told us he was doing this months ago." and you would be right. Myself (Brandon) and another developer made the plugin system before Lunaris even relaunched and most of the new content has been programmed using it. The problem is when the plugin system was made it was determined that it would take too much time to convert all of the existing older code to the plugin system and we did not want to push the release out even further because we knew that everyone was very eager to play. That being said, when a developer makes any content using the plugin system they need the core to test the code and with most of the older code being bundled within the core it leaves too much risk for malicious developers to vindictively steal the Lunaris source code. Like we stated above, the main plan now is to go back and convert all of the legacy code to the new plugin system. Once this is complete we can distribute the core to content developers without any risk because while we provide them with the core to run and test their code we do not necessarily have to provide them with any other content. In essence this would leave malicious developers with a skeleton of Lunaris so stealing it would be useless. Why Does This Help Me? The reason why this helps Lunaris as a whole and especially the community is because it will allow the development team to grow and expand beyond anything we have ever had before. We can hire anyone who knows how to code risk free which allows multiple developers to work on very complex content simultaneously. For example this would allow complex pieces of content such as Chambers of Xeric, Theater of Blood, and Construction to be programmed at the same time by multiple different developers. This will allow for much more frequent content additions which will help Lunaris to grow as a whole. All of the content you or I could ever want would be at our finger tips. Art To transition a bit, we have some exciting news! A sneak peek into one of the many things we have been working on with the new Art Studio. Our new logo is underway, and here is the final result of our new logo icon to go with it! This felt like a small victory for us and we are very happy with the outcome. Let us know what you think in the comments below. Bugs & Quality of Life Players can now do the command ::vialsmash which can enabled and disabled with the same command Added timers to most potions! Fixed a bug with mob kill counts where some mobs such as Kree'Arra started a new kill count. Do not worry, both of your kill counts should work towards your Nex kill count. Rarity now saves on items that can be dismantled / Or Kit Example: AGS can be dismantled and also can be used on an Or Kit. Neitzinot Faceguard rarity bug fix. Players could roll rarity on the item and then dismantle the item, forcing the item to lose rarity and then put it back together and have the ability to roll a new rarity on the item. Created new skill guides in-game with the new configuration that was made, mentioned in the last post. Attack Strength Defence Magic Range Prayer Cooking Smithing Fletching Firemaking Herblore Crafting Runecrafting Agility Slayer “Gargoyle Smasher” is now an unlock in the slayer reward store. Added an option to Captain Clieve to travel to the Lizardman Battlefield. Motherload mine “rockfalls” are now significantly easier/faster to mine. Graceful will once again open up her shop when trading her. The pest control shop is now fixed. Fixed a bug where jewelry would sometimes teleport you twice. Fixed the goldsmith gauntlets xp reward. Added the special attack to Arclight and Darklight Thanks for reading our latest progress update! Our goal is to eventually implement solutions to all of the difficulties that we've encountered over the years - to anticipate the issues that players and server operators may face and have an answer for them. We're looking forward to working side by side with the community, and we'll be reaching out to ensure that we factor in your requirements and ideas. Keep an eye out for our next update. In the meantime, keep an eye on our official Discord , and social media feeds over the coming days - this blog isn't the only place you can see some new Lunaris material!
  15. I like the raids 1 and 2 only to drop with rarity, with 1 exception. Let the infernal drop with rarity too so i can keep grinding it in my spare time 😄
  16. I'm personally not a fan of the Rarity/Enchanting system as a whole, however that is just me. The easiest way to improve the current system is as what it states in the poll: allow items that have rarity to be re-rolled. Even in the high probability you roll something worse than what you had initially, having the option to re-roll that specific item instead of breaking it down for considerably less than before would be beneficial to players all round.
  17. The current system only promotes paying to win to roll rarity on the items that cost 300k+ shards. Its unrealistic to have to get 3 tbows, break 2 down, just to roll one that could roll terrible stats and then the items can only be broken down or sold for a lower price, even tho you just invested almost 1b into it which seems extremely unfair. My ideas on what can fix this is as followed: - Make items with rarity be able to be re rolled. It cost the same amount of dust to re-roll them. Seems only fair you should be able to spend the money to try to fix an item that rolled bad. re rolling is not free and cost quite a bit depending on the item. So it only seems fair to allow them to re roll with the same amount of dust it cost to roll. -Make items drop with rarity again. The current system does not promote people to go out and farm for items. Such as spending time doing raids and such once they already have the items from that area. The old system was great for this. It promoted people with even the best gear possible to still do plenty of content in hopes for an upgrade. The only way to make this work would be to make items with rarity be able to be re rolled. Even if its only Raids 1 and Raids 2 that drop with rarity it would promote people to actually do them more. (this does not mean items from donation boxes should ever be dropped with rarity) This just adds a little more replay value to the game imo, so you still have possible upgrades after you have all the gear in the game you wanted. Instead of just being stuck to only being able to skill because you already have everything. I just want a random scythe out of a doner box to not be equal to one someone farmed raids 2 for 100+ hours to get the same weapon. I only see it fair that the person farming should be rewarded more than the person buying donations. Even if they have a chance to roll a bad one, they at least had a chance to roll something worth more than the donation ones. This DOES NOT mean remove the current rarity system, I just feel as if you combined the old system with the current system it would be perfect for this game. The old system promoted people to do a lot of bosses they already had all the items from. While the new system promotes removing items from the economy. Sounds like a very good system too me. Before someone says that "what if a new player gets a bad tbow as his first raids drop. wouldn't that suck for him." The item even when bad is still gonna be a good item and is still going to be worth its gold in the dust it breaks down for. TLDR; Current system promotes only paying to play, where my idea will have people out there playing the game more often to earn items worth more potential value. Also allow re rolls on rarity items. Added a poll to this so hopefully some people might vote on what they think, even tho last time i made a detailed suggestion thread, nobody voted 😞
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  19. Best of luck with your goals!
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  21. Hey, Figured I'd make a little PVM Log of everything I've done so far on Lunaris across my two main accounts. Hope you guys find this somewhat cool and maybe motivational! Also Figured I'd use Lukas format as I really like the way he did his PVM Log (Link https://lunaris.rs/community/index.php?/forums/topic/1542-lukass-pvm-log/ ) Normal Mode Account Info : IGN : W a r p Rank : Helper / Sponsor Total Level / Current XP : https://gyazo.com/ccb86531528489c03fcc8556e4dbb608 Slayer Task Streak : https://gyazo.com/447cf846597d8089ea4296fc0b5624dd NPC Kc / Boss Drops as of 5/19/2020 (:
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