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Technical Issues

    A: Try using the alternate link in the download channel on Discord. This can be found here: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/otlgcblglqlhf7f/LunarisLauncher.jar?dl=0

    A: Make sure you spelt your name correctly when inputting it into the website. If you are sure that it was spelled correctly, use the command ::voted or ::reward 1 in-game to claim your voting rewards.

    A: Make sure you did not misspell your name and then talk to the Membership Trader located on the bridge north of home. If you still can not claim your donation then PayPal might be holding the funds. If you believe this is the case, please contact a staff member in-game or on Discord for further assistance.

    A: Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done in this instance. A staff member CAN NOT reset your 2fa.

    A: Submit an account recovery ticket in the helper center. A member of staff will acknowledge this ASAP.

    A: Nothing, we offer 2FA and bank pin security. If you did not take advantage of this then there is nothing we can do.

    A: Use the command ::players to see whhich staff is currently available. If you receive no response, try to contact a member of staff on Discord.

    A: Try again later or try on a different computer/device.

    A: Close the client and delete your cache, proceed to reopen the client and try the action again.

    A: Delete the File Lunaris.jar and re-download it from the Lunaris website.

    A: Submit an account recovery ticket in the help center. A member of staff will assist you ASAP.

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