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Barrelchest boss guide

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Barrelchest is a very interesting boss on Lunaris. By interesting i mean he is underwater! Yes i said underwater once you teleport to this mechanical brain your player and if you have a minime will be swimming while you fight him. This mean you must use range attacks to due damage.


To get to this boss you will be going to our teleports interface and its on the second page of the bosses tab as shown below:



As stated above you must use range to attack this monster as you are under water so swinging a sword or casting a elemental spell will not be viable.



Lootation/100kc simulation:


Make sure you're looting these extra items you're getting while battling out your favorite mobs and selling it to the general store at home which can be found here at home beside the Grand Exchange Clerk!
You can access this  shop quickly and make fast GP gains by opening your donator panel and spawning the shopper pet to sell all of your treasures you gain along your journey


Thank you for checking out my guide!

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