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Christmas Time!

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It's that time of year everyone! The time where you hear bells ringing, carolers outside your door and a drunk jolly fella crashing into the boxing ring??

This cant be happening Lunarians!!! Santa has crashed into the boxing ring and his penguins have gone missing!?!? We must help Santa get back home!


You must set out at once on your festive quest! Grab your mittens and scarfs and to be the first to save Santa's penguins!  All snowglobes are dropped from level 30+ monsters. Once you have a globe and shake it you will be given a clue to where 1 of the 10 penguins are hiding! 

Make sure you keep your globes in your inventory because once they enter the bank you will be eligible to receive a duplicate globe. When you come across Santa's penguins you must throw a snowball at them to freeze them in place! They are very skittish without Santa around! You must be near their spawn location when you shake the snowglobe!



 You must collect all 10 penguins before returning them to Santa and remember penguins love cold places!

 Once you reunite Santa with his feathery friends he will reward you with a Christmas present!



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