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Untradebles Should go to PERDU

Should untradeble items go to Perdu?  

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  1. 1. Should Untradebles be DROPPED WHERE YOU DIE or Should they go to perdu and cost money to get back.

    • Leave as is, all untradebles are dropped where you die inside the wilderness. If someone wants to block you from getting them back, thats your issue.
    • All untradebles go to Perdu for a set amount to buy them back.
    • All untradebles drop 75% (or less) of their buyback costs from perdu. All these items are bought back from perdu.
    • All untradebles under level 30 go to perdu. Past lvl 30 are LOST.
    • All untradebles past level 30 wild are dropped on death unless "imbued", then they would go to perdu for their buyback prices.

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Warning: All untradebles that you lose in wild currently drop where you died at. Be safe, don't lose your void, fire capes, defenders. etc...


Currently ALL untradebles are dropped where you die in the wilderness.   This is going to lead to people blocking you from getting untradeble items back.  Thus making you lose hours of grinding where the other person gets no gain out of it.


This was even changed on OSRS because people would get blocked and lose items that would take hours and hours to obtain.

I think this should be changed to one of the following, I made this a poll so we can see input of the community.

And Perdu exists already in game and was used for buying back items in the last version.  I don't get why this was changed


  -The items should just go to perdu who charges you a certain amount.


    -break and give the killer 75% (or less) of repair cost on kills.  Where perdu would charge you a certain amount to "fix" you items. (when broken they cannot be worn or used)


-Have all items go to Perdu when under 30 wilderness.  If over 30 wilderness you lose them.


-Have all items go to perdu when under 30 wilderness.  If over lv 30 wilderness their is a item you can buy to imbue certain untradebles to make them go to perdu for their buyback prices.



Please leave feedback and vote on this thread.  This has massive potential to all wilderness content.  


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