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James Staff/Helper Application

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  • How long have you been playing Lunaris for?
  • The current version I just began 2 days ago, but I am very familiar already and know my way around, and know alot about the server enough to help anyone. :)


  • What have you done during your game time to help other players?
  • I've helped players with questions in the clan chat about where they need to go to get somewhere, how some things are obtained, etc.


  • How active are you on the server?
  • I have played for 2 days almost straight already, and I will most likely be one of the most active staff you have. I have all of the time in the world.


  • Why do you think you would be a good fit for this position?
  • Because I love helping people, and being looked up to. I want to make players wanna stay on our server, and be a permanent member. I plan to do this by offering curtesy, assistance, and reliance.


  • Are you able to take instruction and work without being monitored and meet set deadlines?
  • Yes, I do as I am told by my authorized leaders, ranks and peers. I am trustworthy, and can fulfil any tasks needed.


  • Are you active in the Discord server and on forums?
  • Yes I am.


  • Feel free to list any other comments or additions below that will help us to generate a decision.
  • I love your server, it is an amazing creation, unlike any other I have seen. I would love to become a member of your staff. Thank you for reviewing my request.

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Thank you james for your time in creating this application! and we appreciate the good feed back!!

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