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Beginner money making

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Are you a new player? having a hard time making money and don't know where to start? Look no further!


When you begin the game, after you complete the tutorial. Click the home teleport in the teleport tabs. Click the compass to face north, and walk west until you see sand on the map. This is where the Sand Crab location is, kill sand crabs and you can easily level up while gaining GREAT drops and making bank! Sand crabs drop anything from rune items, to double xp for 10 minutes to 30 minutes! You can make quick cash there!


Since the game is new, there are a variety of ways to make quick cash as a beginner, just by skilling and gaining xp you can make tons of GP! Cut logs and sell them for other players who may be wanting to level up firemaking or fletching! You can also mine ores for other players who want to gain smithing xp! Anything you obtain in game can be sold at the grand exchange at home!

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