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Collect GE coins with full inv bug

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A screenshot wont provide any help with this bug, but when you go to the GE to collect your coins from sold items, if your inv is full when you do it, you get a message from the GE banker that your inv is full and that he will place the gp in your money pouch. The problem is that the money does not get deposited into your money pouch. The money disappears. You cant talk to them again to claim your coins. They're gone. It will say you have no gp to claim. This has happened to me twice. The first time I lost 1.6m, second time I only lost 200k. I made it out pretty lucky so make sure your inv is not full when collecting your gp from the GE. Someone on the server told me that staff tested it and that it's not bugged, but its happened to me twice and I tested it with a small amount of cash for a 3rd time.


If this gets tested and is not a bug, then my account is bugged and I need an admin to take a look at my account. Thanks

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