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Dev Log - April. 6, 2020

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Pushed Updates 


Zahur Decanting

  •  Now properly decants potions at 10 gp each
  •  Properly withdraws the cost out of your money pouch

Vorkath is now properly functional

  • Use Torfinn at the Rellekka docs to access

Vorkath requirements

  •  In order to access Vorkath, you must achieve the following -

Green Dragon Kills: 130
Blue Dragon Kills: 120
Red Dragon Kills: 110
Black Dragon Kills: 100
Brutal Dragon Kills: 90
Brutal Blue Dragon Kills: 80
Brutal Red Dragon Kills: 70
Brutal Black Dragon Kills: 60
Bronze Dragon Kills: 50
Iron Dragon Kills: 40
Steel Dragon Kills: 30
Mithril Dragon Kills: 20
Adamant Dragon Kills: 10
Rune Dragon Kills: 5
KBD: 5 kills

            (The requirements work, but not all the dragons properly count towards the achievement. This will be fixed for next update)

  •  Upon clicking the Vorkath barrier, an interface shows how many kills you have done and how many needs to be done in order to enter




Farming amendments

  • Tree timers and growth time have been extended
  • Exp given for farming has been reduced/so 

Mage Arena store adjustments

  • Amount of burnt pages available inside the store has been increased

Prayer amendments

  • Exp given for prayer has been reduced (Burying, prayer alter, ectofunctus)

Firemaking amendments 

  • Exp given for firemaking has been reduced

Crafting amendments

  • Exp given for crafting has been reduced

Mini-Me fishing

  • You are now able to fish via your mini-me pet
  • You can now level up your mini-me pets fishing

Vote Party exp buff

  • Duration of double xp buff has been reduced to 2 hours
  • As opposed to a 1.5x buff, it is now 1.25x 

Ironmen global item spawns

  • Ironmen are now able to pick up global item spawns, such as sheers, oily fishing rod etc...

Dust Devil adjustment

  • You can now damage Dust Devils with a slayer helmet
  • While in the dungeon, players must wear a face-mask, slayer helmet or slayer helmet (i) in order to protect themselves from the smoke
  • Being in the dungeon without a protection, will induct 20 damage every 12 seconds, although never below 1 hitpoint. Needless to say, walking around with 1 hp is not safe

Entrana deposit box

  • A deposit box has been added so that players can bank the high level fish they catch

Arcane prayer scroll

  • The proper id has been applied, of which you can now read the scroll to unlock augury

Old Sponsor Zone teleport bug

  • You are no longer teleported to the old sponsor zone by using the islands omni altar

Runecrafting altars

  • You can now access certain altars not previously accessible with a talisman/tiara. However, not all altars work properly, of which will be fixed


  • You can now add ancient shards to your Arclight by using the shard on the weapon

Ava's Accumulator

  • Ammo recovery rate has been increased
  • 99 range cape properly works as an Ava's

Nex barrier

  •  Players can only enter the Nex barrier after completing the objective of 250 kills of each Godwars Boss
  •  Upon clicking the Nex barrier, an interface shows how many kills you have done and how many needs to be done in order to enter

Gargoyles bug

  • You can no longer receive multiple loots

Mini-Me protection on death

  •  Mini-Me is only safe on death if it is spawned

Double xp stacks

  • Experience gained with double xp activation and EXP books has been changed

Pet adjustments

  • PVM and Skilling pets are no longer tradeable
  • Skilling pet rarity has been increased


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