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Dev Log - April. 13, 2020

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Pushed Updates 




  • You can now prestige your stats. Players can now speak to Mac on Macs island in order to prestige your stats (The boat is located west of sand crabs, near the warriors guild) . This will reset all your levels and allow you to train again while slightly lowering your xp rates. Currently there are no rewards that can be obtained, however rewards will come in the future. Any prestiges you achieve before the update is pushed will provide the proper points once the update is out. You will not have to worry about losing out on prestige points before the update is fully out. 




Bug Fixes:


  • If a player dies within the crypt, you can now go back and pickup your items
  • Your barrows run now no longer bugs out to where you can not spawn the last brother, causing you to reset your run

Pet Insurance

  • Once you insure a pet then log out, your pet will still be insured by Probtia

Slayer Tower walkway

  • The Archway inside slayer tower's basement can now be walked through


  • Ores are now mineable, the furnace is placed and the bank deposit box is now functionable

Toxic trident

  •  If your toxic trident runs out of charges, you can not continue using it

Rune pouch 

  • Your rune pouch will no longer bug out if placed noted in your inventory


Quality of Life changes:


  • Teleport option has been added to the Weird Old Man in the crypt that takes the player back to the surface 
  • Battlstaffs on the Barrows drop table now come noted

Auction house rarity

  • In the auction house, the rarity interface using CTRL is no longer using the old interface

Wilderness webs

  • You can now use a knife to cut the web
  • Abyssal whip also cuts the web

Dragon hunter lance special effect

  • The special effect is now functionable - The lance increases both accuracy and damage by 20% when fighting dragons (excluding Elvarg and revenant dragons) and other dragonic creatures, such as wyverns and the Great Olm. This stacks with Void Knight equipment and the Slayer helmet. 

Dragon bolt enchanting

  •  Dragon bolts can now be enchanted after placing gem tips on them

Weapons game

  • A deposit box at weapons game has been added
  • The imbue item purchase options takes the normal equivalent in return for the imbued version
  • There is a proper dialogue message for trying to purchase imbue items
  • Once the weapons game starts, you are temporarily provided max stats
  • Crystal keys and burnt pages have been removed
  • Ability to imbue salve amulet
  • Ability to imbue tyrannical ring
  • Ability to imbue ring of the gods
  • Ability to imbue treasonous ring
  • Ability to imbue ring of suffering
  • Amount of gold provided for winning the game has been reduced
  • All RFD gloves can be worn within the game without having to complete the minigame
  • Tiles in front of the door entrance have been fixed
  • After each game is completed, your hp, prayer and poison is refreshed

Slayer helmet imbues

  • Players can now imbue the slayer helmet for 300 points. You will need the normal slayer helmet to purchase
  • You can now achieve the different coloured slayer helmets (Red, Purple, Green, Blue, Black)

Access to max capes

  • You can now travel to the Mac island
  • You require 99 in all stats to use this boat (excluding construction)
  • There is now an advanced shop which sells max cape and hood
  • Combining all the max cape imbues work properly (ex: avas assembler with max cape)
  • Reverse travel from Macs island back to the shore has been added

Rune crafting pouch

  • The following rune crafting pouches now accept rune essence - Small, medium, large, giant
  • Fill option for these pouches is now functionable

Karuulm dungeon

  • The whole dungeon has been released. This includes all the regular slayer monsters and npcs. This does however exclude Alchemical Hydra. You can not currently receive the monsters and npcs as a slayer task

Mount Karuulm

  • Eastern obstacle now works (gives access to the upstairs)
  • Volcano's heat damages players on all height levels inside Mount Karuulm
  • You can now pass though obstacles without the slayer task requirement that grants you access to the Hydra room, Wyrm entrance and Drake room. Certain shortcuts require the proper agility level

Starter weapons

  • Starter weapons no longer break on death
  • Starter weapons now keep the same charges they were prior to death


Other Updates:

Tick eating rates

  • The eat speed rate has been slightly increased to match OSRS


  • The "store" option has been removed from rogues and there is now an "attack" option

Pet effect buffs while inside an interface

  • When inside an interface such as a trade, bank, auction house... your pet effects will be disabled

Coal bag

  • Coal bag now properly works
  • The cola bag holds up to 27 coal
  • With the smithing cape equipped, the bag can store up to 36 coal
  • Empty option on the bag that removes as much coal as the inventory can hold
  • Fill option fills the bag with all the coal inside your inventory

Dcing when clicking quick prayer

  • When players click to turn on quick prayers from the icon on your minimap, you no longer dc
  • When right-clicking on the quick prayer icon and picking "select quick prayers", you no longer dc


  • You can no longer enter the inferno with lent items

Logging out after combat

  • The logout timer has been increased to 10 seconds once out of combat

Sire inside Raids 2

  • There is no longer a slayer requirement to deal damage and kill Sire


  • Fog is no longer automatically enabled upon first log in

Vorkath requirement kill log

  • Vorkath kill log now properly tracks the amount of dragons you kill

Additions to tradeable items

  • The following items are now tradeable - Double xp ring, Row I, Item Magnet

Bounty shop

  • A new pk shop has been added. You now receive blood money for killing a player in the wilderness. Blood money can be used by trading the Emblem Trader located in the Revenant Caves. You can also turn in emblems in exchange for blood money, as well as upgrade your emblems by killing your bounty targets


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