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Few things that need fixing

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First issue I've noticed is the Refreeze timer seems to be a tick off when attempting to refreeze a player, they seem to be able to escape easily like that.


Another would be X-Logging, I've had multiple people running and press X on their client to close it out and auto logout whilst in combat.


Vet-ion ... not even gonna go there


Nuff said...

Another issue I have noticed is the pathing and clicks whilst pking, trying to DD or Tree hug are incredibly difficult because it seems to just click everything that is NOT the player when I am directly clicking on him/her.


Welp I will add more screenshots / vids as I PK to show ideas of what I mean.

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The bugs have been logged for review by the balance team.  We apologize for the inconvenience these bugs have caused.  Thank you for being patient with us.

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