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Suggestion: Duo Slayer + slayer rewards

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Dear Staff,

If it possible I would love to do some duo slayer. With double amount of kills and -10% slayer points.   Wildy 20 slayer points ea and normal (nieve) 10 points ea.

And if possible you could add new slayer rewards:


DUO Boss task (400 Points)

log box random 200 (50 points)

fish box random 100 (50 points)

Herb box random 100 (50 points)

Ore box random 100 (50 points)

Bar box random 75 (70 points)

100 dragon arrows (100 points)

100 dragon bolts (100 points)

Bones box random 100 (150 points)

1.5x drop rate 1h (500 points)

Arcane prayer scroll (800 points)

Dexterious prayer scroll (1000 points)

1.5x exp ring (2000 points)

or (not both)

2x exp ring (3000 points)


This way slayer stays interesting for way longer and prestiging will be a little more popular.

And people who don't want to do bosses or cannot do bosses have a somewhat more chance to some cash & gear.


I hope u could have a look at this.

Ur doing great work !!! Hyped!



Bassie & Adriaan


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nice idea. With regards to the scrolls, they should be 1 time purchase auto unlocks. Meaning as soon as you buy, it uses automatically on you to unlock the prayer instead of giving you a scroll to prevent scrolls flooding the market. For the bonus exp rings, something similar should apply. They should be nontradable so you don't devalue the lunar warrior and flood the market with his drop. Could re purpose the slayer ring for this one making them into slayer ring (i) which applies the exp boost to all skills.

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Hey Bassie,

Thanks for the suggestion and post. I don't mind most of the rewards you are suggesting, the numbers would have to be thought about a bit more by the balance team.

A few points

  • For the boxes that you are suggesting, that's not a bad idea, however these couldn't be the store boxes, but could be similar to the way NMZ does herb boxes etc.. again points would need to be looked at.
  • The rewards of scrolls, are generally exclusive to raiding so I would not agree that this would be a good idea for a slayer reward.
  • In respect to the additional experience rings, this would defeat the purpose and grind for the warriors/champs at dzone. There is already a slayer ring that gives 25% bonus exp for 400 points. I could only suggest that there could be a 50% bonus to slayer exp only ring, for a large amount of points possibly 10k points. 



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Thank you for your suggestion!  I've logged this suggestion for review by the junior balance team.


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