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Donator Rank Benefits!

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donator.png.05fb555990c8c871aea0941cc1d05520.png Regular Donator Rank: donator.png.f87d029e0cd45447391b90acd4af691e.png

(Obtainable through daily voting)

- Acces to Donator Zone!

- Ability to :


- Free teleports around Lunaris (Do not have to pay the teleportation fees)



donator.png.ea78580f3a94339acb56c7d86c4f372c.pngBenefits of Donator Zonedonator.png.54c6940c6b255224a38e79e256a72036.png

- Access to Ecumenical Keys! (Allows you to enter any Godwars dungeon without Kill Count)

- Higher xp Thieving stall. Also, the stall provides pure cash!

- Ability to fight Lunaris Warrior that has insane drops!

- Ability to get Boss Slayer tasks from Nieve!

- Much more effective ways of skilling!

- Many Slayer NPC’s available on the Island, of which are close proximity to a bank!

- Many Efficient teleportation methods such as to Wyverns!

905190835_donatorplus.png.85fb120345a654cf822d3b077a5e3c89.png Donator + Rank: 1005328799_donatorplus.png.8167637a2ffce93a31a3ffea67da54be.png

- Ability to Spawn General Store Pet!

- Ability to Set Log-in Message!

637570727_superdonator.png.bbaeb973449b32c75133b48f2c61b288.png Super Donator Rank: 1451414645_superdonator.png.491e747e4df8bed72892243ceb8357b9.png

- Ability to spawn banker pet!

- Ability to Set Yell Tag!

- Access to exclusive Super Donator only events!

- Access to separate island on donator zone for Lunaris Warrior!

-Access to skilling outfits! (Gives bonuses for different skills)

- Ability to kill rune dragons!

2080131806_topdonator.png.3c986367de6dfd1e243bd884095c4a70.pngTop Donator Benefits:1457229561_topdonator.png.8908f5de17a1a9ff3353531c10e83f35.png

-Ability to toggle flying!

-Access to Top Donator zone! (A special area with amazing skilling, bossing and other benefits)

^Subject to improve^


Sponser_donator.png  Sponsor Rank Benefits:  Sponser_donator.png

- Max Auction House slots

- Ability to lend up to 3 items at a time

- Maximum Bank Slots

- Permanent Top Donator Rank (No need to vote to re-claim the rank)

- Custom Rest Animation

- Custom Donator rank symbol

- Access to Sponsor Zone (Check below to watch a video on it)

-Sponsor Snakeling has a 5% chance to block 100% damage on your next hit


Investor rank


Passive Perks

-25% reduced repair cost on degradable items

-Ability to combine  Double XP ring and Ring of Wealth (i)


Pet Perks

- Restores 2% of your max health every 30 seconds

5% chance to block 100% damage on your next hit

-Increase items kept on death by 1

-Increased vengeance damage by 25%

-Ring of vigour effect



-Exclusive forums badge

-Exclusive discord rank

-Exclusive chat color/title color

-Exclusive icon in game


For more information on how to donate follow this thread! 


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Please message me in-game or on discord if you are interested in bulk donation deals ($125+), on route to Sponsor or Investor rank!

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