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Christmas Event Guide

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Globe 1- Dicing zone Teleport then run east to ice mountain. Go to the highest of it then shake

Globe 2-Fishing zone teleport then run on white wolf mountain. Head towards the gnome glider 
slightly east of it and shake globe

Globe 3- Agility teleport. Roof top courses then select ardougne. Run south west to the ardy zoo and go to the penguin exhibit. Shake the globe

Globe 4-Teleport to kbd. run north of the tele spot towards the frozen waste plateau. Shake globe around lvl 52 wild.

Globe 5-Teleport to rock crabs, Exit area south towards house portal and run east towards Keldagrim entrance.
Go on the mountain and shake.

Globe 6- Teleport to Vorkath. For this you will need a full dragon key. Run behind him and shake the globe

Globe 7- Teleport to donator zone then click the portal next to fountain. Go to wyverns but do not enter the wyverns area. Run north and shake!

Globe 8-Teleport to zammy gwd. exit to main kc area. Head west of the bridge and shake globe.

Globe 9- Go to training tab and tele to yaks. Run north and go across the bridge. Then go across the second bridge, Run slightly east and shake globe.

Globe 10- Teleport to the gnome agility course and exit south then run west to eagles peak. 
Shake globe when on eagles peak


Pictures are globe locations in order! 




globe 1.jpg

globe 2.jpg

Globe 3.jpg

globe 4.jpg

Globe 5.jpg

Globe 6.jpg

Globe 7.jpg

Globe 8.jpg

Globe 9.jpg

Globe 10.jpg

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14 hours ago, Blisziful said:

Great guide dude! You've come so far in the little time that you have been on Lunaris! Did you see that Vhitic featured your guide in hs Christmas Event Promo video? Congrats dude! Thanks for the guide 🙂

diddnt see that! Thats so dope!

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This guide has helped tons, even the youtubers! 


Thank you very much for making this. 

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