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- Godwars Dungeon is broken and hit way too hard especially the minions are accurate as hell at this point its stronger than original osrs gwd

when its supposed to be less powered to make people stay and grind for drops as this is a newish eco and need to have gear to get in game

since most of the gear are actually from dono store not from people pvming, also the Raids 1 content is easier than Gwd at this point.


- Make barrows gear alch for more to add more gold in the game its easy to get barrows drops but its hard to sell and that disappoints new players since they

cant sell the items they get and make them wanna just quit.


- Add a weekly event on weekends for the whole day like Double xp and doubled drop rates.


- 1- Improve the quality of life in lunaris add more numbers to the pots/food shop / range supplies / mage supplies etc, Fix trading screens and make it less buggy/laggy sometimes 

the trade screen doesnt show for both players, also the combat scamm system is abit weird make it when someone changes value/ removes item from trade work not all the time


 2- PATHING : pathing everywhere in the game seems buggy and just gives a horrible gaming experience, check out how raids 1 bugged you only can attack corp from 3 diff spots and if

someone moves the whole group keeps dancing around corp.


- FIX DROP TABLE and monsters actual DROPS:

1 - Vet'on doesn't drop anything.

2 - Corp have a divine ss in its drop table but it seems its not there on the drop simulator.

3 - Callisto have a stat warhammer in drop table in rare category but it its not there in the drop simulator(Killed 400 kc + on callisto for 8 dragon pickaxes and pickaxes is on very rare category)

4 - venenatis is MISSING.


- maybe add a new rewards/drops to Wildy bosses to make it worth killing this isn't osrs and the supplies isn't really as important.


thank you for reading these suggestions and hope something changes for the better of lunaris as i want to see this server grow,

feel free to reply if you agree with this or not and maybe put in more suggestions.

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Thank you for taking the time to post this stuff we will go threw it on the next meeting. Their are a few this in this list that we have discussed already. Thank you for your time 🙂 

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