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Peckishwhale's In-game Log/Future Goals

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So I've finished off Max on Prestige #1 and have no intention whatsoever to further prestige. Instead, I have decided to take a personalized custom approach to how I will be playing the game here on out as an Ironman. Below will include an in-depth log of what I intend to do on Lunaris from this point forward. This is a long-term approach that I know will give me more incentive to play the game and to remain motivated whilst playing. This post will be frequently updated.

*Colour Key Code: Green - Completed | Red - Incomplete*


Skilling Pets:


Fishing - Heron (x2)
Woodcutting - Beaver
Runecrafting - Rift Guardian
Farming - Tangleroot
Agility - Squirrel

Thieving - Rocky
Mining - Golem
Hunter - Chinchompa

Boss Pets:


Dag Rex
Dag Supreme
Dag Prime
Chaos Ele/Fanatic
Kalphite Queen
Kalphite Queen
Big Blacky
K'ril Tsutsaroth
General Graardor
Commander Zilyana
Therm Smoke Devil
Corp Beast


200m+ XP in all Skills/2B+ Total XP:


Attack (58.3m)
Strength (69.1m)
Defence (58.3m)
Range (28.6m)
Prayer (13.1m)
Magic (22.5m)
Runecrafting (13.1m)
Hunter (13.7m)
Hitpoints (75.4m)
Agility (13.1m)
Herblore (13.7m)
Thieving (14.9m)
Crafting (13.2m)
Fletching (14.2m)
Slayer (13.1m)
Mining (13.5m)
Smithing (13.2m)
Fishing (22m)
Cooking (13.1m)
Firemaking (13.1m)
Woodcutting (16.5m)
Farming (13.3m)

Total XP (539m)




Total: 80 (32 completed)


Total Donated:







Prestige 0
Prestige 1

Rare Boss Drops/KC:


Callisto (KC - 160😞
Tyrannical Ring
Dragon Pickaxe
Callisto Cub
Statius's Warhammer
Vesta's Plateskirt

Scorpia (KC - 9😞
Zuriel's Staff
Statius's Platelegs
Malediction Shard 3

Odium Shard 3
Scorpia's Offspring

Chaos Ele (KC - 130😞
Mist Battlestaff
Dust Battlestaff
Statius's Full Helm
Morrigan's Body
Pet Chaos Ele
Dragon Pickaxe

Chaos Fanatic (KC - 31😞
Odium Shard 1
Malediction Shard 1
Pet Chaos Ele
Zuriel's Robe Bottom
Morrigan's Coif

Crazy Archeologist (KC - 5):
Malediction Shard 2
Odium Shard 2
Zuriel's Hood

Vet'ion (KC - 1):
Pet Vet'ion Jr
Ring of the Gods
Dragon Pickaxe
Vesta's Longsword
Vesta's Chainbody

KBD (KC - 1122😞
Dragon Pickaxe
Statius's Platebody
Morrigan's Chaps

Draconic Visage
KBD Heads

Corporeal Beast (KC - 72) :
Holy Elixir
Pet Dark Core
Divine Sigil
Elysian Sigil
Arcane Sigil
Spectral Sigil

Kalphite Queen (KC - N/A):
KQ Heads
Jar of Sand
Kalphite Princess

Therm Smoke Devil (KC - 28😞
Smoke Battlestaff
Occult Necklace
Pet Smoke Devil
Dragon Chainbody

Dagannoth Supreme (KC - 210) :
Pet Supreme

Seers Ring
Dragon Axe

Dagannoth Prime (KC - 198😞
Pet Prime

Archers Ring
Dragon Axe

Dagannoth Rex (KC - 25😞
Pet Rex
Berserker Ring
Warrior Ring
Dragon Axe

Zulrah (KC - 2😞
Uncut Onyx
Tanzanite Fang
Magic Fang
Serpentine Helm
Pet Snakeling
Jar of Swamp
Tanzanite Mutagen
Magma Mutagen

Kraken (KC - 11😞
Kraken Tentacle
Trident of the Seas
Pet Kraken
Jar of Dirt

Cerberus (KC - 56😞
Smouldering Stone
Primordial Crystal
Pegasian Crystal
Eternal Crystal
Jar of Souls 

Big Blacky (KC - 120):
Elder Chaos Robes
Dragon Pickaxe
Lime Whip
Lil Blacky Pet

K'ril Tsutsaroth (KC - 5😞
Steam Battlestaff
Pet K'ril Tsutsaroth
Zamorakian Spear
Zamorak Hilt
Staff of the Dead

Commander Zilyana (KC - 0):
Saradomin Sword
Pet Zilyana
Saradomin Hilt
Armadyl Crossbow

Kree'arra (KC - 0):
Pet Kree'arra
Armadyl Helmet
Armadyl Chainskirt
Armadyl Chestplate
Armadyl Hilt

General Graardor (KC - 0):
Pet Graardor
Bandos Boots
Bandos Tassets
Bandos Chestplate
Bandos Hilt

Nex (KC - 0):
Nex Pet
Virtus Mask
Virtus Robe Top
Virtus Robe Bottoms
Pernix Hood
Pernix Body
Pernix Chaps
Torva Helm
Torva Platebody
Torva Platelegs

Raids 1/2 (KC - 0):



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Good luck mate, 2b+ total for sure is a long term goal 🤪

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This is awesome man! Excellent progress. 

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