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Dev Log - April. 23, 2020

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Pushed Updates 



Bug Fixes:

Dropped items appearing

  • If a player drops items on the ground in the same location as someone else, all the items will appear as opposed to just seeing 1 item

Receiving pets once you already have one spawned

  • If you have a pet spawned already and you obtain a new pet, you will not lose the new pet

Auction House

  • Your item in the AH will not sell for an undesired amount when CAPSLOCK is enabled (Ex: Entering 30M with CAPSLOCK enabled would sell for 30 gp instead)

Rarity well 

  • Players items will be enchanted properly with the proper cost of shards


Quality of Life changes:

Herblore while prestiging

  • Once you prestige at Max, all your stats will drop to level 1, however herblore will go to 3. This will allow you to actually train the skill after prestiging

Edgeville clipping

  • The edgeville had an invisble wall due to the Duel Arena we had placed there in V1. That invisible wall is now removed, and you can now walk down the trapdoor

Brimhaven Dungeon Fee

  • Paying permanent access to brimhaven dungeon now saves upon logout

Ironmen receiving blood money

  • Ironmen will now receive blood money from kills


  • Vorkath is now considered a "undead dragon" - This is important for the effect of salve amulet and dragon bane weapons to work properly


Other Updates:

Tokkul Runes Shop

  • The tokkul rune shop quantities has been increased significantly 

Skeletal Wyverns "Icy Breath" effect

  • Wyverns will now freeze you and temporarily reduce your stats
  • Wearing an anti-dragon shield will reduce the damage taken from this attack

Blood money in the balloon party event

  • The blood money reward has been removed 
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