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Enchanted Items in Wilderness  

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  1. 1. What do you think is the best option for the enchanted items rework?

    • Remove all enchants from being used in PvP
    • Place a percentage nerf based off the stats of the enchanted item
    • Disable all enchanted boosted stats from the items used in the wildy
    • Disable all enchanted boosted stats from the items used to PvP (doesn't effect the items when attacking a mob)
    • Set a max hit limit on all weapons to match max hit on OSRS (85 for AGS, etc.) (only in the wildy/PvP)
    • Remove all pets that have effects from being used in the wilderness (adds risk to someone PKing with enchanted items)
    • Make it so that all enchanted items are 1gp gold value, so they are always dropped in the wilderness
    • Other (Please define in the comments)

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There has been multiple suggestions to rework the use of enchanted items in the wilderness.

Cases for the rework:

  • Currently, the p2w aspect is present in PvP because of the enchant system.  People can enchant a unique item and use it freely in the wildy and potentially hit above max hp. (unique AGS)
  • Investor pet protects 4 items in the wildy, so there is no risk involved into bringing enchants in the wildy (currently being talked about as well)
  • There should be a system in place that places risk into bringing enchanted items into the wildy

Negatives for the rework:

  • Devalues enchanted items
  • Potentially stop people from PvPing

We have taken what the community has stated and placed them as answers in this polls.  If you do not see an option that you like, please comment your suggestions.

Thank you all in advance!



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Enchanted items should be disabled in PvP how do you imagine pking against someone that can hit above your max hp? It's just impossible, 100% agreed they shouldn't add any effect in PvP.

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I think the most fair way to do it would be to cap max hits at osrs max hits in PvP only. Lets players with good unique items have the advantage in welfare hitting 85s with Ags, which is fair, they earned it with the item. Also keeps PvP from being stupid broken. I dont mind the cap not existing for NPCs though, that in itself isnt game breaking at all.

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I disagree with you iron, because you can keep it up on death, players that have been grinding for those items already have a huge advantage compared to others while pvming (pvming = money), if you keep the same accuracy on PvP it's just op, there's already a korasi's sword if you're looking for accuracy, an ags that hits constant 80s+ would be absolute bullshit... Removing the enchants effects on PvP will just make it fair.

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