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Lukas's PvM Log

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Posted (edited)

Hey there. 

It has been over a month of mainly grinding PvM and after being inspired by @Peckishwhale In-game log/future goals (which can be found at https://lunaris.rs/community/index.php?/forums/topic/1439-peckishwhales-in-game-logfuture-goals/) I wanted to share my PvM drop logs so far.

Before starting playing Lunaris, I wanted to see how far I can go without gambling/staking and donating in game mainly focusing on PvM. So, here it is. I will try to keep it updated.

To start with, some information about regular mode account: 

  • In-game name: Lukas
  • Rank: Regular Donator 
  • Total level and current XP: 


  • Time spent in game: 130 hours as of 28/04/20. Time calculated using Loyalty points.
  • Total value of bank: around 795m as of 09/05/20 (excluding skilling supplies, runes, imbued items, prayer scrolls (Arcane and Dexterous))
  • Slayer task streak:



Drop Log as of 09/05/20. Completed or Incomplete

Had a blast grinding. Drop Logs editing discontinued from 09/05/20.



Big Blacky (770):
Dragon Pickaxe x5
Elder Chaos Robe x8

Lil Blacky Pet
Lime Whip x1

Callisto (215):
Callisto Cub
Dragon Pickaxe x2
Statius's Warhammer
Tyrannical Ring x1
Vesta's Plateskirt

Cerberus (1112):
Eternal Crystal x2
Jar of Souls 

Pegasian Crystal x4
Primordial Crystal x4
Smouldering Stone x3

Commander Zilyana (11):
Armadyl Crossbow
Pet Zilyana
Saradomin Hilt
Saradomin Sword

Corporeal Beast (55)
Arcane Sigil
Divine Sigil
Elysian Sigil

Holy Elixir x2
Pet Dark Core
Spectral Sigil

General Graardor (8)
Bandos Boots
Bandos Chestplate
Bandos Hilt
Bandos Tassets
Pet Graardor

Hydra (62):
Hydra's claw
Hydra leather x1
Hydra tail

K'Ril Tsutsaroth (140):
Pet K'ril Tsutsaroth
Staff of the Dead x1
Steam Battlestaff x1
Zamorakian Spear x1

Zamorak Hilt

King Black Dragon (51):
Draconic Visage
Dragon Pickaxe
King Black Dragon Heads
Morrigan's Chaps
Pet King Black Dragon
Statius's Platebody

Kraken (147):
Jar of Dirt
Kraken Tentacle
Pet Kraken
Trident of the Seas

Kree'Arra (28):
Armadyl Chainskirt
Armadyl Chestplate x1
Armadyl Helmet
Armadyl Hilt
Pet Kree'arra

Thermonuclear Smoke Devil (40):
Dragon Chainbody
Occult Necklace x1
Pet Smoke Devil
Smoke Battlestaff

Zulrah (550)
Jar of Swamp
Magic Fang x1
Magma Mutagen
Pet Snakeling

Serpentine Visage x1
Tanzanite Fang x5

Tanzanite Mutagen
Uncut Onyx x3

Raids 1 Chests (68)
Dragon Hunter Crossbow x1






Edited by Lukas
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Excellent progress brother - Time for some GWD!

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Not bad at all, keep up the grind. I really enjoy reading these types of threads especially because they normally reveal someone's true wealth 😄

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