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Respect Clan : Recruiting!

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Respect Clan is now Recruiting!

Respect is mainly just a group of friends that enjoy the grind of PVM and looking to expand our little group into a community.

Our goals for this clan is to recruit as many eligible players as possible to form groups to grind bosses together and help each other out whenever needed.

Come join a friendly and dedicated clan!

  • Prerequisites : 
    • Decent Combat Stats
    • Basic Knowledge of the game
    • Able to join in on Voice Chat
    • Semi Active. (4+ hours a week)
    • Trustworthy / Avoid being Toxic
  • Preferred Gear : 
    • Elite Void / Void
    • Regular Whip / Darklight
    • Dragon Crossbow / Blowpipe / Dragonhunter Crossbow
    • Dragon Warhammer / Bandos Godsword / Zamorak Spear (Highly Recommended)

We are willing to assist in obtaining any of the preferred gear listed above.

As of now there is no scheduled activities, but in the future, we will hopefully begin to set up activity times.


Application Format : 

  • In-game Name : 
  • Discord Username :
  • Age : 
  • Years of Experience in Runescape : 
  • Estimated Playtime (weekly) : 
  • Timezone : 
  • Goals In-Game : 
  • Tell us a little about yourself


Thank you for showing interest. We will contact applicants either through Discord or Forums.

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Not to spam up the thread but nice. I am excited to see that you are recruiting for the oldest active clan on Lunaris.

If you guys are in need of a clan this one is great and consists of a lot of veteran players. I would recommend this clan to anyone who is looking for one.

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  • In-game Name : dirt cobain
  • Discord Username : dirt cobain
  • Age : 20
  • Years of Experience in Runescape : on and off 8 years or so
  • Estimated Playtime (weekly) : 20-30 hours
  • Timezone : Atlantic daylight time
  • Goals In-Game : become eco
  • Tell us a little about yourself : I enjoy romantic dinners, long walks on the beach, and cleaning scrubs. I'm an east coast Canadian goijg into my fourth year studying Finance and Economics.

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