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Hadyn App for Respected

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Tell us a bit about yourself -  My names Hadyn im 24 and ive been osrs/rsps for years tbh i couldn't even think of when i actually started but it all started on an account named hadyn96 lol. 

What made you interested in applying for this player rank? I play the server alot i try to help out when i can and tbh its one of the cleanest osrs rsps out there and i dont plan on leaving.

Do you feel you have impacted the Lunaris community in a positive way? If so, please explain how. I dont personally feel like ive impacted it ill be completely honest but i can only go up from here and hopefully with the time i have here i can impact it somehow. 

How long have you been a part of the Lunaris community? Only a couple of months but i caught on pretty quick. 

Do you have any vouches from other players? If so, please provide In-game names. Trusted rank members and above recommended 🙂. I've never personally asked anyone if i would be good kinda of going out on a limb here and trusting my ownself and feel like my knowledgement of rsps and lunaris. Even in the short period of time i've been here can help out new players. 
What do you believe are the main responsibilities of this position? Helping new/old players with raids, being middleman, duoing and just being there for anyone that truly needs help. 

Please explain why you would be the best fit to carry out these responsibilities. I've been staff on multiple servers and i and very active in the friends chat i rarely go completely AFK and i feel like im always around to ask a question too if need be. 
How often do you play? Hours per day / days per week. Mostly play at work because i work night shifts and my positon at my current job i can get away with being on my laptop so 12-13 hours at night. During the day it varies due to my day shift/ family. 
Have you had any previous experience with regards to being a trusted/respected member on a previous server (Or if you have been a staff member before) Yes on multiple servers. 

Would you be willing to be a MiddleMan for Dicing, Flower Poker and High Risk fights? Yes gladly.
How familiar are you with the Lunaris content? (ex: Prices of weapons, teleportation locations, skilling supplies required for different skills etc…) I caught on pretty quick i feel like some players trust my word on things and agree with me on prices and what the best way of doing a certain skill is. 


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Thank you for your application! Someone from the team will respond as soon as they can. My personal opinion though is you have a pretty nice application 🙂 you have my vouch.

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Thank you for the reply Brandon! I was as honest as I could of possibly been on the app. Hope one day I’m lucky enough to be part of the team 😁

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