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[How To] Protect Your Account

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*Notice: Do not use the same password you have on other servers. Create one that is unique and something that you can easily remember*


KNOWLEDGE - Educate yourself about how hackers steal accounts. You've taken the first step by coming here. Please read this entire post to gather a full understanding.

EMAIL ADDRESS - Use an email address for your Lunaris account that you do not use anywhere else. It is recommended to create a new one for Lunaris Only. You can choose from Google (Gmail), Outlook (Microsoft), Yahoo (Ymail), AOL Mail, Apple iCloud Mail, and Mail.com - these are the typical choices.

PASSWORD - Choose a complex password for your account. Use a password you have never used before on any website. Also be sure to have at least once capital letter, a symbol, and a number. If you really want a secure password, use an online password generator to obtain random and safe passwords. Change your password In-Game and on the forums at least once a month. If you're using a shared computer, don't save your passwords on Lunaris.

BANK PIN/2FA (2 FACTOR AUTHENTICATION) -  You can set up a bank pin and 2FA by talking to the Lunaris Guardian in-game. He is located just outside of the castle entrance at home. If a hacker logs in to your account they will be prompted with a security screen where they will have to type your bank pin to access your bank or to drop items. Having a bank pin will provide you with extra reassurance and security of your in-game account. Please do not use generic pins like your birth year, 1234, 0000 etc. You NEED to think of something completely unique that nobody else would be able to guess. 2FA (or Two Factor Authentication) will provide you with even more additional security for your online account verification. If a hacker tries to log into your account they will need to provide the unique 6-digit code from the authenticator app on your phone to be able to do anything. You will need to talk to the Lunaris Guardian and click the first chat option. You will be prompted with a screen that has a barcode. You will need to download the Google Authenticator or Authy app from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). Once you have downloaded the app, open it and scan the QR code with your phone or device - you will now receive an automated 6 digit code on the app. These codes change frequently so they will be different every time. Enter this code into the chat box onscreen and you will now have 2fa enabled on your account. Every time you log in you will have to open the Authenticator app and type ::authenticate (6 digit code here) to validate your account. You can also remove this by typing ::removeauth (6 digit code here).

RESIDUAL THREATS - Only log into your Lunaris account from a computer you deem trusted and clean. Logging on from an Internet cafe or a friend's computer can expose you to any malware risk previous users may have left behind, either intentionally or unintentionally. This is always a risk when playing on a friends computer, or a public network.

INTERNET SECURITY/ANTI-VIRUS - The internet can be a very vulnerable place, even in 2020. It is pivotal that you have some form of antivirus available on your computer. Bitdefender is the most frequently used cyber security software as it offers essential features such as: Anti-Virus (With Auto-detect), Web Protection, Vulnerability, Firewall, Intrusion Detection, Anti-Spam, and Ransom Protection. You are currently able to trial the premium version for 30 days. They are also offering up to 50% off of Windows, Apple and Android products. Other notable antivirus softwares are Malwarebytes, Avast and Norton.

BE PATCHED - Keep Windows/MAC/Linux and the rest of your software updated. Enable automatic updates. Always install the latest version for any browser that you use. It is recommended to use Google Chrome. Mozilla Firefox or Chrome can emulate IE (using an add-on) for when you need to visit Internet Explorer specific websites.

BROWSER EXTENSIONS - Install Google Chrome add-ons such as Web of Trust, Noscript and AdBlock Plus. Web of Trust puts a color-coded icon representing a site's trustworthiness beside search engine results. Noscript takes care of those web sites that install keyloggers without your knowledge. AdBlock Plus keeps spyware from loading too, as well as blocking most advertisement on all websites.

FREE WI-FI - Logging into your account over an unencrypted wireless connection also has it's own risks. Packet analyzers can recover information sent over from the network. Even though it's nice for Starbucks and Costa Coffee to offer a free wireless hotspot, please don't use it for Lunaris. However, if you are going to do this anyways, use a VPN.

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