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A very basic Inferno guide

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The Basics

For your gear, basically take the very best range gear you have to make it easier on yourself. Tbow is by far the best weapon to have, but anything down to a rune crossbow is very possible (and even easy) if you learn the mechanics of the boss and practice.

For inventory and gear, this is what I use. Along with the storage pet, you can get 2-3 capes done with it. (Please don't roast me for that ring spot, nothing to put there yet as an ironman) 😞




The Boss and what to do with him

For starters, Be prepared to die a bunch as you're learning the different parts of the boss and how you most easily manage to kill it. Here are some tips and tricks I've figured out as I learned from scratch myself.

- I've found that setting the client to fullscreen is immensely helpful. Get used to it if you don't normally play that way, it really does help.

- Try to stay either with the shield or a little in front of the shield, never behind it; not even the back half of the shield is safe sometimes. Obviously not too much in front, but learning Zuk's attack timing help you know when to stand those couple spaces ahead of the shield to get an extra bolt/arrow off.

-You WILL NOT be able to finish the inferno without a Stamina potion. Don't even try it. just make to check your run energy a couple times to make your stamina is still active.

- Once you hit the point where the mager and ranger show up, immediately hit the both off of the shield, pray mage, and prioritize killing the ranger first. The mager hits a lot harder.

- When jad spawns, You can choose 1 of 2 way to deal with him, either kill him or switch prayers and keep going after Zuk. I've found it's really more of a preference thing. If you're going to just tank Jad, it's just as easy as taking Jad's hits by switching prayers, while making sure you're staying protected by the shield. It sounds really intimidating, but all it comes down to is tanking jad just like you would in the fight caves while running with the shield. For those of you who choose to kill Jad, keep in mind that the healers will spawn and you'll have to aggro them to keep Jad from healing up. (those of you with tbow, you do not need to hit the healers, as you will be out DPSing them. So don't worry about them and just kill Jad.) I've personally found that just killing Jad makes everything a lot easier.

- Once Jad is dead, all that's left is to hit all Zuk's healers once when they spawn, then go back to Zuk. You do not need to kill them, just make them aggro on you.


Now hopefully if everything goes well, you now have your Infernal Cape!


I Hope this helps some people who have been struggling. This is my first guide I've ever posted anywhere, I know it's basic, but I hope that it will help some people. There are probably things I forgot to add as I just got home after a 9 hour shift at work. If I did forget something, rest assured it will be added here in the future. If you have any further questions about what to do, feel free to message me ingame with them. Goodluck everyone!

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Very solid guide. Definitely helped me with some issues I was having at first to be honest. The whole rock idea and continuously moving can be difficult to grasp as you have to stay ahead of it while moving.

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