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Content Update: May 6 2020

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Content Update: May 6 2020

Hello! In this post, we're going to unveil the improvements that we've made to Lunaris throughout the last couple of weeks. We want to say thank you to the community for the thoughtful response that these developer posts receive. Your encouragement, feedback, and questions all mean a lot to us. It's been a long road to get to this point, and every step of the way the needs of the community have been at the forefront of our minds. Delivering a game that empowers players and continues to grow to live up to your expectations. This is our number one priority - thank you again for your support!

Work on Lunaris continues! Let's take a look at the progress we've made recently.


Lizardman Shaman

The Dragon Warhammer is finally here! It's been long overdue we know, but we are very happy with the end result of these farm heavy beasts. We added all of the classic mechanics as close as we could to give players the authentic fun experience that Lizardman Shamans always provided. There is still a small issue where if a player stands diagonally away from Shamans while being close to the corner pillars the player will moon walk into the wall, getting stuck. This is an issue that does not happen very often. We are working hard to fix the issue.

Lizardman Shaman can be accessed by talking to Captain Clieve just South of the Raids One bank. We added the two main locations for killing Shamans, Lizardman Temple and Lizardman Caves. A player can obtain a Xeric's Talisman from Shamans to teleport to these locations much faster. We cut out the hassle of having to continuously charge this talisman with fangs after the initial talisman is created.



Shayzien Armour


We have added Shayzien Armour , Tiers one, two, three, four and five. This armor will greatly help in killing Lizardman Shaman by reducing the damage taken from the Acid Splat special attack. The Tier Five Shayzien Armour will negate the full damage amount of acid split damage.

Note: Shayzien Armour does not negate ALL damage dealt by Lizadrman Shaman, this armour only helps with the Acid Splat. Players are still recommended to pray from RANGE and dodge the " Leap special attack ".

Shayzien Armour can be obtained by killing the Shayzien guards. A few of these guards are roaming around Captain Clieve however the best place to kill theses NPC's are in the Lizardman Temple and Lizardman Caves.


Superior Slayer Monsters

We have made a big addition to slayer by introducing Superior Slayer Monsters. This content will enhance the player experience while doing slayer and provide the proper way to receive the Dust Battlestaff, Mist Battlestaff, Imbued Heart, and Eternal Gem. In addition to guaranteeing an ancient shard used to charge the powerful Arclight!

Superior slayer monsters are more powerful versions of normal slayer monsters that have a chance to spawn upon the death of one of its normal counterparts and will only occur while on-task.

Once a superior slayer monster has spawned it is only attackable by the spawning player. A superior monster will de-spawn from the world if ignored for a short period of time. Should the player die while fighting it or teleport away, the monster will de-spawn soon after.

In addition, once one superior has appeared, another one will not spawn for that player until it is killed or de-spawns. In single combat areas, a superior slayer monster can be attacked even if you are under attack by another monster; when this happens, the standard monster will stop attacking you. In multi-combat areas, it is possible for multiple superior slayer monsters to appear simultaneously if multiple monsters are killed at the same time.




Coming in hot to spice up the wilderness boss content even more is Venenatis! This high hitting spider will provide great resources and alchables while giving players the opportunity to hit the Treasonous ring, the best stab ring in the game undoubtedly. We tried our best to provide accurate mechanics to Venenatis to give the players the fun experience they are lusting for. Protect from Magic and anti-poison potions are highly recommended.




Bugs & Quality of life

  • The Glod pet special ability cost was overlooked and was still set to the prior revision cost of 1,000,000 GP. This cost was reduced to a more comfortable price of 25,000 GP
  • We updates the Multi-Combat zones in the wilderness to match Runescape. Note: keep an eye out for any mistakes that could have been overlooked (Ex: wrong multi areas or single zones).
  • Fixed a bug with the drop-table simulator. Sometimes the simulator would not show all of the items on a specific drop-table Example: Vissage from KBD would not show on the simulator although the item could be obtained.
  • Fixed a special attacl on Corpral Beast. Corp was draining all combat stats. This was updated to only drain Magic and Prayer and only takes places on a successful hit.
  • Updated Void Knight Mace - Now gives the ability to auto-cast Crumble Undead, Wave Spells, Surge Spells, and Claws of Guthix.
  • Twisted Bow speed has been reduced to the proper speed of 6 Ticks.
  • Nex killcount requirement has been reduced, from 250 kills for each godwars boss down to 150 kills for each boss. (edit: sorry this was unfortunately forgotten about and will be added for the next update)
  • Fixed an issue where players could reclaim as many pets as they wanted as long as they had the GP needed for the claim fee. This was essentially allowing players to dupe pets.
  • Removed Buckets of Slime from barrows minigame.
  • Fixed a bug with the auction house that would not allow players to sell Uncut Gems.
  • We have adjusted experience rates in Cooking, Woodcutting, Fletching, Fishing, Firemaking, Smithing, Mining, Hunter, Slayer, and Crafting.
  • Fixed a bug with Safe PVP. If a player teleported out of Safe PVP zone they would not be able to attack npcs or players.
  • We reduced the farming disease rate by 25%
  • The consumable shop has had some adjustments.
  • Added coconuts to the list of materials that can be used to make super compost.
  • Fixed an issue where the compost bin would stay in the " fermenting stage ".
  • Removed the secateurs requirement to pick fruit tree fruit.
  • Added the proper display message to appear when a player equips skilling XP boosting gear such as the Angler outfit, Prospector armor etc..
  • Added Magic Short Bow special attack sound.
  • Added the Deep Wilderness Dungeon agility shortcut. Requires 46 agility to use.
  • Mini-me pets can no longer be lent via item lending.
  • Decanting noted potions now works for a fee of 10gp per potion.
  • Fixed Aviansies for GWD killcount. Some Aviansies would not count toward Armadyl total killcount.
  • Fixed a bug with using Advanced Teleports. If players teleported using an advanced teleport and then activated their quick prayer once arriving at the destination the player would be taken to another travel spot and another travel pass would be consumed.
  • Took away the Barrows teleport option from the Tall Tree in Canifis.
  • Slightly nerfed Godwars Minions combat attacks. These NPC's were hitting too consistent and too hard.
  • Added impling spawns on the Runescape mainland, this will help with ambient life and a better playing experience overall.
  • Players can now make the Heavy Ballista from scratch as long as they have all of the required ingredients.
  • Added an alternative item creation with allows a Torstol UNF potion to be used in making a Super Combat Potion.

Finally, we've got a few cool things to share with the community. We've started to put together a creative team to help support the Lunaris ecosystem, in and out of the game. If you made it this far, comment which one of the below you like the best.



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Posted (edited)

Good job Brandon and Team on this. Everyone that is still within the community appreciates the effort and time you've all put into continuously trying to cater to everyone's preferences - hopefully this is the re-beginning of a positive uphill journey.


#3 stands out the most.

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Thank you for the updates yall. We appreciate the hard work being done and I know I cant wait to kill some superiors and those shamans! The bug fixes are much appreciated and go a long way in improving this server we have spent so much time in and yall have worked so hard on so once again thank yall. Keep up the good work and see yall in game.


I like the first art the most personally. So simple yet seems the best for a start 😛

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Firstly, On behalf of myself and the community who have not created a forum account - Thank you for this! The content released in this update is going to provide some new and exciting content for people to enjoy. Great job guys. Thriving to make everyone in the community happy is not an easy feat so well done! I would also like to personally thank Brandon and the team for their time on the ted talk. It was extremely constructive, it provided an insight as to how everything is run at Lunaris furthermore gave us a little hint as to what you were working on as a team. More of these will provide further transparency to the community and bring us together again like it did that evening/afternoon/morning.

FINALLY DECANTING NOTED POTIONS! This is something that could be looked at as the smallest out of everything on the list, but trust me. It's the complete polar opposite, thank you.

The bug fixes here provide a lot more stability to the player experience on Lunaris and I am sure they as a whole, will make a tremendous difference to the player experience.

Again, thank you again for this update. It was well needed and I am sure will be well received when everyone gets online!


I like art number 3 🙂 That DFS make me feel all tingly 😉



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Big update! Very happy guys thanks so much for the hard work. 

This content is very much appreciated and I know it will make everyone very very excited

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Good stuff guys It's looking great! I am defiantly most excited for the Superior slayer monsters and have been waiting for them for a while!

Well done to Brandon and the rest of the dev team!

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