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Lunaris Forum Rules

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Forum Rules
The following rules apply everywhere on our site unless explicitly mentioned otherwise in a forum specific rule. You are responsible for being aware of the rules stated within this thread. If you are punished, it is under the assumption you have read and agreed to these rules. These rules are subject to change without notice, and these rules pertain to the site and the forums.

1. General Spamming
Posts that do not contribute to the thread is considered off topic / irrelevant to the subject of the thread are defined as Spamming. One Word Posting (OWP), Flaming, and Back Seat Moderation all fall under this rule.

1a. One Word Posting (OWP)
Posts that consist of a single word ("support, lol, thanks, cool, etc.") will be considered spamming on the forums. Emoticons and pictures do not count as words. (If a Moderator deems the emoticon/picture to be irrelevant to the discussion at hand, he/she may delete it deemed so as it may be seen as spam).

1b. Flaming
Overly insulting a member of the Lunaris Community, or repeatedly conducting yourself in a manner that ruins the overall enjoyment of a member of our Community is absolutely unacceptable. Player infractions and bans for flaming WILL BE handled at Moderator digression.

1c. Back Seat Moderation
As a member of the Forums if you happen to stumble upon a subject or post that breaks our rules - please simply report it. Do not act like a staff member and cause drama in a thread, post or status as this only causes unnecessary trouble. Please leave the moderation to our Forum Staff Team.


2. Inappropriate Language
Is defined as communication directed to a single member or group of people used to defame their reputation, character; or race through topics, posts, PMs, avatar, signatures and forum usernames. This includes excessive swearing, insulting due to gender, religious beliefs, age, etc.

2a. Inappropriate Material
Is defined as the posting of any forms of nudity (including pornographic links,) text or images that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-orientated, hateful, overly violent, threatening, racist, sexist, discriminatory. The Lunaris Forum Staff Team WILL NOT tolerate these actions and will be enforced at all times at Moderator digression, should these discussion, photos, videos, avatars, signatures, or usernames appear on the Lunaris Forums.

2b. Harassment
Is defined as continually pressuring a member of our community while creating an unpleasant or hostile environment for that player. Harassment can be both verbal and non verbal in forms of communication and neither will be tolerated. If you are asked to stop please just stop, if not the Lunaris Team will step in to eliminate the situation as it ruins the safety and enjoyment of our Community while they are a member of our Forums.


3. Misleading or Malicious Links

Posting a hyperlink to a malicious site while claiming the link leads elsewhere will immediately result in your account being suspended without warning, and future appeals towards this ban will be automatically declined. The Lunaris Staff Team are dedicated to the safety and enjoyment of the Community while they browse our Forum.


4. Evading Suspensions, Bans and IP-Ban

Those who evade their suspensions, bans and IP-Bans to cause more problems will receive an extended form of punishment than the one you're evading. You are allowed to create another account on the forums to appeal, but do not attempt to cause more problems than you already have prior to doing this.


5. Real World Trading

We do not allow our members to RWT Lunaris wealth, accounts, or items for PayPal, cash, or any other means of real-life payment. There is a marketplace section that is strictly used for in-game related market selling to other users, e.g selling skilling supplies for Lunaris GP, buying in-game donations for Lunaris GP.


6. Advertisement

Advertisement on the forums will result in an account ban - any further advertisement infringements from the banned user on new accounts will be punished further. Advertisement in this instance means openly talking about another server that is online, or trying to coax other users into approaching the server that is being talked about.

7. Privacy Rights

Releasing personal information of another community player or staff member without their explicit permission is strictly forbidden. This includes but is not limited to contact information (such as Skype, Facebook, Email, DDOS threats etc.), personal pictures, and other forms of real-life communication. 


The Lunaris Forum Team would like to remind you this list of rules is not a definitive list of our rules. We expect that all members use the Forum in a responsible fashion. Any inappropriate or otherwise demeaning content posted in regards to Lunaris, its Staff Team, or about any members within the community not listed above will be dealt with by Moderators on a case by case basis.

User Agreement
By being on the forums, you understand that you are responsible for your own actions. You understand that the rules stated above will be enforced at all times and the administration has the ability to further the punishment despite what it states above, this is the administration's discretion. We have permission to do what we want with your account as they are a property of ours and you are merely 'playing' on it. You understand that when a rule is broken, your account will be dealt with accordingly and fairly as possible through the system that we have made for the staff team and how people are dealt with.

You understand that any sort-of attack (hacking, phishing, doxing, DDOS, etc.) made against Lunaris will be dealt with accordingly, and you will be IP'd/Mac banned from the forums. If need-be your IP will be sent to the authorities. You understand that the Lunaris Administration Team have the ability and authority to alter your account at any time should we have to or feel we must check something onto one's account and agree that requesting a refund after an Administrator has made an X change is not made. You understand that the Lunaris Staff Team is required to provide proof, however, we will not disclose a member's name (the one that reported you) if the member requests it.

You understand that we are not responsible for what is posted on these forums (while we will take action after it's either reported or we see it) so therefore someone that has been infected through these forums by a third party or by someone of this community, it's not our responsibility but it will be dealt with. So this being said, we are not responsible for ANY damage made to personal property nor information being stolen. Per this section, you understand that inappropriate posts (as said above - though, once it's reported or we see it - it will be dealt with immediately) that a child MAY encounter such as pornographic material, promoting drug related topics etc., it's not our responsibility, this is solely the parent's role. 

When reporting a member of the community you must provide a full screen picture of the client and computer. We will no longer be accepting reports that have been cut-out, cropped etc., we expect the entire picture to be there; if it's not then we the report. If you happen to have a reason to report a staff member it needs to be video proof, we will no longer accept pictures as proof as it is very easy to falsify proof and we do not need unnecessary drama caused by that. You understand that donations made to the administration of Lunaris are final, and the administration is under no obligation to refund such goods from our services. You understand that actions made by the administration for the donation system and processes are final, and no exceptions are made. You understand that there are little to no refund policies made unless done by an administrator who can handle these situations themselves. You understand that if a donation is lost through a glitch - it will be refunded, however, if a member is hacked then you must understand it is less likely to be refunded to not at all at the discretion of the administrator (who can handle these type-of situations).

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