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Lunaris Rank Explanations

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The owner is the founder of the server and its website. The owner has full power and control of the server as a whole (e.g handling donations, support tickets/appeals etc), as well as helping develop the game and releasing content/updates.



Administrators are members of staff who have access to in-game and forums Admin Control Panels. They handle most support tickets (account/donation issues etc) that cannot be handled by Moderators. Administrators will assist players in complex situations & administrate the server/forums. They also help develop the game and introducing new content.



Moderators are members of staff who are focused on moderating the server in-game. Moderators typically handle appeals, player reports, in-game punishments and forwarding any serious issues to Administrators and guide other support as they essentially are the right-hand of administrators.



Forum Managers are members of staff who are focused on moderating and managing the forums. Their main priorities are to ensure no forum rules are broken, monitoring the content, and organizing the forums where necessary. They will primarily deal with forum related reports and seldom act as a communicator in complex circumstances when other staff are not available.



Helpers are members of staff who act as a form of additional support to Moderators. Their main priorities are to assist the community, answer questions from players via the Help CC/personal messages etc. 



Ex-Staff are members of the community who are no longer a part of the staff team. This rank has no bonuses or benefits.



Respected/trusted members are players who have been a part of the community for a while and who have contributed to the server in a positive manner, as well as being vouched for general helpfulness and activity. If you feel you are suitable for this rank, please apply here.



Youtubers are members of the community who provide server related media to the community. They get perks if they attain this rank, however they must provide content regularly and promote the server on YouTube. In order to apply for this rank, please contact @Brandon for more info.



Donators are members of the community who have contributed to the server by donating money. There are plenty of benefits available to Donators that can be found here.



Ironmen are members of the community who picked a challenging game mode where they cannot trade or obtain drops from other players or use the Auction House. There are multiple Ironman modes available on Lunaris: Regular, Ultimate and Duo. Regular mode has the typical restrictions listed above, whilst Ultimate's cannot use banks on top of the above restrictions. Duo's have the same restrictions as the Regular mode, however they have the option to play the mode with another player - in doing this you will be able to trade with your duo partner.


Note: This thread will be updated if more ranks come out in the future.

If there are any questions/feedback, don't hesitate to contact myself or any staff member via PM.

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