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  • Use a more modernized XP bar. Although thought as a minuscule feature, as this is an OSRS based server it will enhance the player's gameplay. Many people have asked for a more modern XP bar/the typical settings that it includes previously.


  • Adding a *stepping stones* or *swim* agility shortcut at ::dzone at both ends of the Island - this is so players can visit the other small islands where the Lunaris Warrior/Champion is. This will ultimately be more efficient and save them time, rather than repeatedly teleporting to ::dzone and using the portal.


  • Removing redundant and introducing new features on the Lunaris Info panel. Player info such as username, forum posts and online player record aren't really necessary. Removing them will give the option to add other pieces of info such as Loyalty, achievement and slayer points etc - these are of which are currently only viewable using the in-game command ::find (username).


  • Buff XP given from trading in Agility arena tickets (obtained from completing a full course at Gnome agility course) or add more obtainable items that you can exchange the tickets for. For a prestiged account 1 ticket grants 390xp. *The toadflax and snapdragon exchange options do not work*


  • Add more Rune/Adamant rocks at ::dzone. There are currently 6 in total (3x rune, 3x adamant) - once they have been mined it takes approximately 3 minutes 10 seconds for them all to respawn. Every other mining alternative is currently better in regards to ores/xp p/h e.g Motherlode Mine, Wildy Resource Area and Mining Guild).


  • Implementation of short quests. An example could be The Restless Ghost script line which could provide a Prayer XP reward + x amount of bones (maybe to get to a starter level of 70+). 


  • Adding teleports to the Ring of Wealth. Currently you can charge the RoW at the Fountain of Rune or at Hero's Guild Basement, however there are no options. Perhaps essential teleports such as Edgeville, Home, Al-Kharid could be added to make the teleportation methods a little more viable. 

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