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Raids 2 - Group Guide

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Raids 2 Guide

Requirements: 99 theiving, 99 woodcutting, 99 mining (1 person), 89 hunter (1 person), 9 farming (unless it gets fixed from being only guams, then you would need 1 person with 85 farming.)

I would also recommend at least 3 people or food will run low sometimes.

This raid has 9 rooms + the treasure room estimated time for groups in 20-40 min (depending on amount of people)

Gear Setup
Helmet: Justiciar helm > Serpentine helm (bringing serp helm makes bringing a antipoison not needed)
Necklace:  Torture > Fury
Body: Justiciar body > Torva platebody > bandos chestplate
Cape: Koleido cape> Infernal cape
Weapon:  Scythe of Vitur + Lime whip + Dfs, Dragon warhammer for glod (Scythe and dwh are not needed)
Legs: Justiciar legs > Torva legs> Bandos Tassets
Gloves: Glod hands > Barrows gloves
Boots: Primordial Boots > Dragon boots
Ring: Wealth i > Berserker ring (i) > Warrior ring (i)
Mini-me: 99 woodcutting and decent combat stats if used in combat rooms (Not Needed)

I bring a tbow and range gear in my cosmetic override for jad and callisto. (not needed)

Magic is no Longer needed for raids 2 (unless rockslugs get their 5k hp back)

Example gear setup

Inventory Setup
(note: these inv setups are with serp helm worn, if you don't use serp, bring a super antipoison over 1 anglerfish)

You do not need both axe and pick, depends on who has what in your group.  Only 1 person needs a pick. Recommend all to have axes tho.

The angler and karambwan are panic food for glods first attack if someone messes up. (not needed can bring 2 extra brews and 1 extra super restore over.)

The Raid

Room 1 
This is a melee room consisting of Lunaris Champion, Big blacky, Giant Mole, and Abyssal Sire.
 Drink your overload, Protect from melee, then enter the room (note: entering room resets all stats back so do not pre pot before entering)  kill Big blacky > Lunaris champ > Giant Mole > kill sire

Room 2
 (the reset room, aka worst room in the raid)

For this room you will bank most of your supplies using the bank chest. (note if you disconnect or log off all items in chest are lost)
After freeing up around 16 inv spaces, collect lockpicks and choose a path around the room to check the chests (try to be consistant with your path so you dont end up checking the same chest more than once.)
Once you find the chest its all up to rng at this point, just keep picking until you get the red key.
This room can use more food than glods room.

Room 3
This is the mining and woodcutting room. Will take around 10-20 minutes or so.  Free up 20 inventory spots by banking all your potions.  Then either mine or woodcut first you need 50 logs and 50 bars.   Mining path would be to get 10 blurite + 10 coal, then make into bars. Then get 10 more blurite > turn bars in > mine coal > make bars > repeat until finished.  Woodcutting is straight fowards, just make sure your minime is cutting with you and basically afk until finished.

Room 4

This is another Combat room that consists of, JAD, callisto, crazy arch, chaos fanatic, and 2 Giant Rock Slugs.
For this room you leave pray mage on then Kill JAD (do not pray switch him, hope to tank his range and melee hits and heal up so you dont die), next kill callisto > chaos fanatic > crazy arch > rockslugs.  (you can kill rockslugs at any point now, they are weak)

Room 5

YOU ARE ALLOWED TO DIE IN THIS ROOM TO REFILL HITPOINTS AND PRAYER.  This is the puzzle room, its a maze, you can write down your path or just memorize it too use as little food as possible.  (note: when moving spaces it will 90% of the time always be at least 2 steps in 1 direction when on the path)  At the end of this room before entering the barrier pray melee to prep for next room.

Room 6

Another combat room consisting of lunaris champion, scorpia, daggonoth supreme, 2 smoke devil bosses.
In this room you start off with pray melee and kill the lunaris champion (be very careful of your hp because the range guys can stack you out) once lunar champ is dead swap to protection from range and kill scorpia > daggonoth > the 2 smoke devils

When in a group for this room, have 1 person take the aggro of lunar champ and scorpia who will pray melee.  The others take aggro of the 3 range mobs and pray range.

Room 7

Hunter room is stupidly fast now.  Just whoever has the 89 hunter grabs the net and jars, catches 1 imp for the key and move on.

Note: you can also get some food from gourmet imps if needed.

Room 8

This is the farming room, Atm it has only been guams, so pickpocket til the team has around 30-40 guam seeds and plant them.  Give the un cleanred herbs to the guy at the end of the room. (he needs 50 total)
DISMISS MINI-ME POT AND SUPER ANTIFIRE BEFORE GOING TO NEXT ROOM. Also equip lime and dfs or dwh if you have it

Room 9

GLOD ROOM,  this room consists of 1 glod and 2 KBDs.  Pray mage upon entering and be prepared to change prayers immediatly depending on hulks first attack.  When fighting glod always pray melee and then swap to whatever prayers are needed. The goal is to dwh spec glod then use a lime on him until he dies.  Dwh specs are not needed, but help a lot.

Pray mage - Reeeee and green ball
Pray range - GLOD SMASH! and brown ball
Pray melee - ARGHHHHH  

Room 10
The treasure room, goodluck on the loots. GOODLUCK to anyone who tries and let the RNG be in your favour. (USUALLY let the people with row i open the chest, might not matter, but it never hurts)

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