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Suggestions for new content in lunaris;


-  Enchantment scroll for rarity items to give a 100% uncommon +,rare +, rarity or whatever u think suitable to give chance on rolls 

with a new custom boss (like glod) in wildy to have a chance of dropping it

and add the koleido cape to its drop table or whatever you wanna add to it.


- Add a new content and give them the row (i) and dxp ring drop instead of being only droped by braindead rng based  afkable mobs


- Add a boss point system for each boss kill with a rewarding system.


- Remove the random drop table from wildy bosses on pvp items and make one boss drop the whole set instead of being random for each

boss like it is now like (kbd drops morrigan chaps only and no top).


- Add more charges to pvp items or make them fixable and not turn to dust when out of charges.


Death mechanic changes:

- Make untradeables go to inventory on death(wildy death) instead of being dropped on floor or a reclaim npc for 

fixed amount of gold to retrieve.


- Afk/Dc Death protection in non wildy areas/pvm deaths make dying less punishable.

make deaths more safer by keeping all the items or make the items pile last longer than it is now and not show fast for other players.
(in osrs death pile stays for 30-60 minutes before showing to other players and thats a big game with stable servers in rsps's you never know 
when there's going to be a server dc), also dying at instanced areas makes you lose items like at ( obor f2p boss) and so on.

or add a reclaim items npc for it.


- Lms maybe?



feel free to reply and share what u think should be added.










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Thank you for your suggestions! Do you mind taking a little bit of time and providing more depth to your thread? It is very useful to not only make a suggestion but also explain the value that you believe your suggestion would bring to Lunaris and what about it is beneficial. It is also useful to point out any potential arguments that could be made against your suggestion and explain why you think those arguments are valid or invalid.

Thanks again!

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