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Suggestions to the Rarity System

Rarity suggestion. Choose all that apply.  

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  1. 1. Rarity suggestion. Choose all that apply.

    • Leave rarity system as is.
    • Allow items with rarity to be re rolled
    • Allow items to drop with rarity in raids 1 and raids 2 only
    • Allow all items that can roll rarity, drop with rarity

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The current system only promotes paying to win to roll rarity on the items that cost 300k+ shards.  Its unrealistic to have to get 3 tbows, break 2 down, just to roll one that could roll terrible stats and then the items can only be broken down or sold for a lower price, even tho you just invested almost 1b into it which seems extremely unfair.

My ideas on what can fix this is as followed:

- Make items with rarity be able to be re rolled.  It cost the same amount of dust to re-roll them.  Seems only fair you should be able to spend the money to try to fix an item that rolled bad.  re rolling is not free and cost quite a bit depending on the item.  So it only seems fair to allow them to re roll with the same amount of dust it cost to roll.

-Make items drop with rarity again. The current system does not promote people to go out and farm for items.  Such as spending time doing raids and such once they already have the items from that area.   The old system was great for this.  It promoted people with even the best gear possible to still do plenty of content in hopes for an upgrade.  The only way to make this work would be to make items with rarity be able to be re rolled.   Even if its only Raids 1 and Raids 2 that drop with rarity it would promote people to actually do them more. (this does not mean items from donation boxes should ever be dropped with rarity)

This just adds a little more replay value to the game imo, so you still have possible upgrades after you have all the gear in the game you wanted.  Instead of just being stuck to only being able to skill because you already have everything.


I just want a random scythe out of a doner box to not be equal to one someone farmed raids 2 for 100+ hours to get the same weapon.  I only see it fair that the person farming should be rewarded more than the person buying donations.  Even if they have a chance to roll a bad one, they at least had a chance to roll something worth more than the donation ones.


This DOES NOT mean remove the current rarity system,  I just feel as if you combined the old system with the current system it would be perfect for this game.  The old system promoted people to do a lot of bosses they already had all the items from.  While the new system promotes removing items from the economy.  Sounds like a very good system too me.


Before someone says that "what if a new player gets a bad tbow as his first raids drop. wouldn't that suck for him."  The item even when bad is still gonna be a good item and is still going to be worth its gold in the dust it breaks down for.


TLDR;  Current system promotes only paying to play, where my idea will have people out there playing the game more often to earn items worth more potential value. Also allow re rolls on rarity items.


Added a poll to this so hopefully some people might vote on what they think, even tho last time i made a detailed suggestion thread, nobody voted 😞 

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I'm personally not a fan of the Rarity/Enchanting system as a whole, however that is just me. 

The easiest way to improve the current system is as what it states in the poll: allow items that have rarity to be re-rolled. Even in the high probability you roll something worse than what you had initially, having the option to re-roll that specific item instead of breaking it down for considerably less than before would be beneficial to players all round.

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On 5/22/2020 at 6:08 PM, God_ironman said:

I like the raids 1 and 2 only to drop with rarity, with 1 exception. Let the infernal drop with rarity too so i can keep grinding it in my spare time 😄

@God_ironman The Infernal cape does drop with rarity. You get a rarity cape once every 12 hours.

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idk about making npcs drop rarity but i think rolled items should be able to roll them again
i also had a suggestion of adding a certain item that guarantee uncommon+ rarity when rolled


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