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Item Lending

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Greetings Lunarians!

Ever wanna make mills just by lending out items you already own? We're very excited to announce along with our Thanksgiving event we have finally released item lending! To lend a player a item simply trade the player and right click on the item in your inventory and select lend
After you've selected what item you want to lend at the bottom of your trade screen you will see a  box
labeled "1hr" click on this box to adjust the lent duration times.
After you've selected the amount of time you want to lend it for you're all set! If you set item to "until reclaim" you're able to reclaim it back at
anytime by going selecting "collect" on your bank. If you set the lend time for longer then until claim once the timer has ran out you're able to claim it in your collect menu on your bank all the same.



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