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Dev log + Recent updates

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- Killstreak capes now have helper tooltips - The emblem trader now sells killstreak capes


- Fixed a bug with Vorkath shooting his fireball after you leave the area

- DFS now has rarity


- Items from Unsired will now have rarity if they are above tier 65

- Using the bank presets will no longer log you out - Additionally assigning quick bank presets now works properly but still does not persist after logging out

- Sanguinessti staff now works on all spell books

- You can now note items on your banker pet

- All HP boosting effects now work properly with the nex gear hp boost

- Fixed the mini-me pet working erratically at Armadyl

- Unnoting and noting items on a banker now correctly recognizes if you have enough space in your inventory or not

- Dying with a Raids 2 item will no longer deplete the charges as long as you protected the item on death

- Tome of fire will now light up your spell book fire spells


- Iron man shop now sell feather packs instead of just feathers

- The minimap will now show your rank icon instead of white dots. This is toggleable if you do not like it

- Fixed a game breaking bug

==== Pushed Update ====

- Berserker bots can now veng

- Fixed a bug with the Toxic Blowpipe

- You can no longer note or unnote with your banker in areas where you can not bank with your banker

- Hulk Hands now drop with rarity

- Fixed a bug with the clan chat

- Fixed a bug with Player Owned Shops

- You can no longer get Abby Demons as a task from the wilderness slayer master if you do not have the level required

- Fixed a bug with barrows


- Finished coding item lending

- Hulk now drops lime whip

- Lowered drop rate of unsired

===== Pushed Update =====

- You can no longer lend overloads or stamina potions


- Fixed the weapons game dialogue

- Made some healthy changes to Zulrah's combat script. She should no longer remain under the water and she should no longer rapidly switch phases at points

===== Pushed Update =====

- Cerberus now has ghosts. These are more of a custom mechanic so that Cerberus is still a lot easier than it is on osrs

- Fixed a bug with mobile banking - Fixed a bug where the tokkul shop will allow you to purchase items if your inventory was full


- You can now use ruby bolts with the armadyl crossbow

- You can now metamorphosis your zulrah pet


- Recoded potion decanting completely to dynamically work off of current potion infrastructure. This means that we should no longer have potions you can not decant

- EnterX prompt now supports 64 bit numbers instead of the previous 32 bit maximum. This allows the prompt to be able to handle numbers up to 9 quintillion instead of the normal 2.147 billion

- Completed the majority of the new item auction house

- Finished the new auction house - Finished a system to track previous auctions which will be used to generate semi real time suggested prices for items

- Smoke battle staff now has unlimited runes - Fixed shop sell price of water runes - You can no longer lend a minime pet if you have one spawned


- Fixed a bug with the auction house that would not allow you to sell items if you are not viewing the first page


===== Pushed Update =====


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- Fixed abby scion animations


- Fixed the guthan healing effect


- Fixed the server randomly freezing


==== Pushed Update ====


- Fixed a bug that would cause some monsters like metal dragons to become aggressive on you while fighting another monster


- Crystal bow (i) now has a range level requirement


- All Nex gear now requires blood money to repair


- Clue scrolls now have steps to complete


- Spamming teleports on instanced bosses will no longer spawn multiple


- You can now withdraw customizable amounts of items from the auction return


- Fixed a bug with arcane spirit shield


- Nerfed dragon claws a tad bit


- You can no longer get dragon claws from dragon implings


- Ags is now 300m blood money to purchase from the shop


- Bandos and Armadyl gear now has a far increased drop rate from the boss and a far lower drop rate from the minions


- Fixed numerous bugs with the phoenix quill pens


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===== Pushed Update =====


- You can now decant your potions even if they do not add up to a perfect 4 dose


- Prestige levels are now set back when inside weapons game


- Cerberus now has kill count


- You can now only see dice rolls if you are within 15 tiles from the host


- The special attack orb will now update regardless of whether or not you have a weapon equipped that has a special attack


- There is now a bank in the weapons game lobby


- You now have a one tick stun immunity after being stunned by a dragon spear


- Nerfed AGS spec damage a tad bit


- Big blacky's magic attack now strikes everyone who is attacking him when he casts it instead of just the person he is attacking


- Changed a few prices of shop items


- Bracelet of ethereum now automatically picks up revenant ether and adds it to your bracelet


- Decreased the Incredible Hulk's attack delay from 6 ticks to 5


- It is now much rarer to get a double / tripple chest from barrows


- Fixed the target teleport tab. It will no longer assign you a new target and teleport you to the old one

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- Fixed a bug in the duel arena


- Dramatically lowered the general store tax. Hopefully this pushes more people to sell lower tier items to the general store to generate more gold into the game


- Finished the christmas event


- Amulet of Torture (or) is now the best amulet in the game


- Removed most ornament kits from bosses


- There is now a warning message when trying to drop items that break when dropped to the floor


- Fixed a bug with pk gear set loadouts


- Your yell color now matches your rank color


- Chaos Altar will now have a 50% chance to not consume your bone


- Nerfed drop rate of bandos gear


- Reclaiming an item from Perdu that was purchased through the blood money shop will now cost 60% of the original cost in blood money instead of coins


- Rare drop messages will now show the item name in the color of it's rarity if it has a rarity


- Decreased the drop rate of Ancestral from Tekton


- Big Blacky and Tekton will now attack everyone in the room at once whether you have attacked the boss or not


- You can no longer get a looting bag as a drop if you already have one in your inventory


- The Hulk Pet can now be used to find the Incredible Hulk. This will cost 1 million GP each time you do it


- The Incredible Hulk will no longer drop Elite Void


- Mining in jail now lowers your mining xp as you mine. You can also not get the mining pet in jail any more


- Updated the surge spells to look as they do on OSRS


- Added more randomness to the teleport location when dueling


===== Pushed Update =====

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Bug Fixes:

- Fixed a bug with stamina potions

- Fixed a bug that caused you to disconnect when decanting potions


Weapon changes:

- Nerfed tome of fire in PVP

- Nerfed abby dagger spec just a bit

- Buffed Ags accuracy


Bossing changes:

- The Incredible Hulk's range and magic attacks will now ricochet onto other players if you fail to pray against an attack. This has no effect if you solo the boss and also has no effect unless your group members fail to pray

- Once again tweaked Hulk's combat mechanics very slightly.


Quality of life updates:

- Reduced the cost of reclaiming items from the Emblem Trader

- Completely finished Sponsor Zone


==== Pushed Update ====

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