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Triva Bot Q/A

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What is the max number of people you can have ingored
Answer 100

How many visable tiles are there in edgevil bank
Answer 60

Where is home in lunaris?
Answer Edgevill

What is the name of the Armadyl godwars boss?
Answer Kree

Whats the best crossbow ingame? 
Answer Acb

What level do you need to farm a watermelon?
answer 47

Who is the communty manger for lunaris
answer Justin

what is the max number of people you can have ignored?
answer 100

Tanzanite fang turns into what when cut with chsel? 
answer blowpipe

what is the short term used for staff of the dead
answer sotd

what is the name of the ncp used to travle around lunaris
answer sailor

where can hellhounds be found
answer taverly dungen

What is the smithing level required to create DFS
answer 90

what minigame offers void armour as a reward
answer pest control

where can black demons be found? 
answer brimhaven

how many colors of infinity are there
answer 3

what is the name of the NPC you can get skillcapes from
answer wise old man

toxic blowpipe is a drop from what ncp
ansower zulrah

where can steel dragons be found
answer brimhaven

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