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Farming guide

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So you want to get 99 farming?


Although farming is a bit tedious on Runescape, farming on here is quite easy, albeit a bit buggy. Here's how you can get 99 farming quickly.


Starting out


As with any skill, you need to begin farming by obtaining the necessary tools and seeds. You can do this by talking to Fred The Farmer at the Edgeville shops north of Edgeville bank.


The tools you will need are: one rake, one seed dibber, one spade, 10 of each herb seed and 50 torstol seeds.

Planting the Seeds
Now that you have your tools and seeds, it's time to begin farming.
First you must find the farming teleport. It is on the first page of your skilling teleports.


As a normal player you have access to 4 herb patches and 3 tree patches (top donors get 1 more of each)


This should get you to at least level 14 farming. At this point use your marrentill seed on the herb patch. 

Continue repeating this with higher level herb seeds until you've reached level 99. Here are the required levels and the exp given for each seed and herb harvested. I will be leaving out guam seeds since raking the allotments already gave you a level high enough to plant marrentills. Follow the order of the herbs listed below to achieve level 99 farming. I am unable to give exact amounts since the amount of herbs harvested varies for each one planted.

Raking the Allotments: Requires level 1 farming and gives 280 exp per weed raked.

Marrentill: Requires 14 farming. Gives 945 exp for planting and 1050 exp for every herb harvested.

Tarromin: Requires 19 farming. Gives 1020 exp for planting and 1260 exp for every herb harvested.

Harralander: Requires 26 farming. Gives 1505 exp for planting and 1680 exp for every herb harvested.

Ranarr: Requires 32 farming. Gives 1890 exp for planting and 2135 exp for every herb harvested.

Toadflax: Requires 38 farming. Gives 2380 exp for planting and 2695 exp for every herb harvested.

Irit: Requires 44 farming. Gives 3010 exp for planting and 3395 exp for every herb harvested.

Avantoe: Requires 50 farming. Gives 3815 exp for planting and 4305 exp for every herb harvested.

Kwuarm: Requires 56 farming. Gives 4830 exp for planting and 5460 exp for every herb harvested.

Snapdragon: Requires 62 farming. Gives 6125 exp for planting and 6895 exp for every herb harvested.

Cadantine: Requires 67 farming. Gives 7455 exp for planting and 8400 exp for every herb harvested.

Lantadyme: Requires 73 farming. Gives 9415 exp for planting and 10605 exp for every herb harvested.

Dwarf Weed: Requires 79 farming. Gives 11935 exp for planting and 13440 exp for every herb harvested.

Torstol: Requires 85 farming. Gives 13965 exp for planting and 15715 exp for every herb harvested.

You can also farm your own trees at the levels below, The seeds are obtained as npc drops.

Note: All these experience rates listed are given without any bonus exp. This is what you'd get without exp boosters or double exp.

Just plant the herbs as you advance in levels and you'll eventually reach level 99. 
Exp boosters help a lot. They provide 50% extra exp. Donator banker pets also allow you to bank the herbs fast for herblore later on.

Thanks for checking out this guide and gl on 99 farming.

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