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Raids 1 solo guide

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First off let's go over the waves and mechanics of bosses in Raids 1.


Next up let's go over the different gear setups.
This is the Gear/Inventory setup i use for my Solo Raids.
(i use the "max mage" to heal off-of Dragons and Jogres to save supplies.)
This is the type of a setup i normally use during team/mass Raids

                          Wave #1. Green, Blue, Red Dragon and a KBD.
                                              Wave #2. Lesser, Greater, Black Demon and a Big Blacky.
                          Wave #3. Few Jogres and a Corporeal Beast.
                                                                        Wave #4. 2x KBD's, Big Blacky, Chaos Elemental and a Kalphite Queen.
                           Wave #5. 2x Jads (Spawns North and South)
Wave #6. (final wave) Tekton.
Tekton and Big Blacky can drop your prayers during the fight against them.
KBD can possibly one hit you if you do not have a antifire potion or a Anti-Dragonshield/DFS on you.
Remember to always kill Big Blacky first before touching any other monsters in Waves 2 and 4

This is the type of a Welfare setup which would be more affordable to newer players of Lunaris for team/mass raids. (Ofcourse you can swap the ACB with a RCB if you cannot afford a ACB or haven't gotten one as a drop yet.) And ofcourse if you do not own Void you can use Black D'hides and torso for example.



Next off let us go over some Solo Raid tactics to make it easier for you.


First off you can save alot of supplies doing Solo Raids if you safespot stronger enemies over lower combat enemies. (examples shown below)


You can do both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of Tekton (Tekton/Tekton[enraged])
if you move 1 tile every time after you've attacked now, if you've timed the 1 backstep with Tekton's attack you will never take any damage from Tekton or get stunned by him which results you in being able to kill Tekton without ever needing any food or supplies for the last wave.

Finally let's go over some of the possible Raids 1 rewards.

There are 2 diffrent reward sources in Raids 1. 
Tekton [Enraged] and the Burned Chest next to the Portal inside Raids 1. 
If you're doing a 4 man / Mass raid with Staff there can only be 1 player that gets Tekton's loot because how it's determined who gets he's loot is who deals 50% or more damage to the ENRAGED Tekton he gets the chance to get one of the main Raids 1 drops. Don't worry though, even if you do not get the drop from Tekton or you get out-damaged everyone in the raid can/will get loot from the Burned Chest next to the portal. It has alot of nice goodies inside of it for example Prayers Rigour and Augury and all of the Zenyte Jewlery.

This has been my Raids 1 Solo/Team guide. I hope it helps you and if you have any more questions feel free to PM me ingame -> Solo Jase

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Great guide, although even at max prestige I don't think that I would ever have the balls to solo a raid. 

Nevertheless, thanks for another amazing guide, and thank you for all the hard work you do for Lunaris and it's community. 

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Also definitely going to try to solo later. I have all the gear minus the Armadyl so gonna have to go farm that cockatoo until I get some range gear. >.<

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