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Fishing / Cooking guide

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Welcome to this fishing and cooking guide

Fishing is a super chill skill, because you can sort of afk it. All fish are found at the top donator zone, if you don't have access to that you can find the fish at the ::teleports->skilling->fishing
Except karambwans and anglerfish, they can only be found in either donator zone or top donator zone.
Cooking is actually really easy, just cook whatever you catch with fishing and you'll reach 99 cooking aswell

To get the fastest xp rates make sure to use the xp booster books.  I think you get 99 the fastest by following this route for fishing 

Shrimp -  1-40 (small fishing net) - 1 cooking
Lobster - 40-65 (lobster pot) - 40 cooking 
Karambwans - 65-85 (harpoon) - 30 cooking
Anglerfish - 85-99 (harpoon) - 90 cooking


I hope this helped you get 6a069052dcc3dc26021ac6efa461ade2.png


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