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Agility Guide

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Welcome to my short agility guide

Though small this guide will feature everything you need to know to get fcc561b15e287df62b0902817d8a22e9.png
Top donators can scroll down to the last section of the guide, if you are not a top donator but would like to become one check out http://www.lunaris.rs/store/store.php

To get to any of the course go to ::teleports -> skilling -> agility 

So from levels 1-35 you will be training at the gnome agility course

From levels 35-52 you will want to train at the barbarian agility course

From levels 52-99 you will get the best xp at the wilderness agility course

Top donator section

So for top donators its a bit easier. All you will want to do from 1-99 is climb over this rack on top donator Island.

Thats all Lunarians, I hoped this helped you!

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