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Duo Ironman Release!

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6d98906849af1f8337f05996c9609dbf.pngDuo Ironman6d98906849af1f8337f05996c9609dbf.png

Hello Lunarians!

The time has come! Link up with your partner and start constructing your plan. Now, for the first time ever on Lunaris, DUO-IRON MAN mode has been released! 

Once you log into the game you will now have the option to choose "Duo Ironman" Which will give you a few unique items to start with.


One of these items is a duo token which is used on your partner to "link" your two accounts allowing trade between only the two of you!


Make sure you are picking your partners and start working together to progress your accounts faster then if you were alone!

Good Luck to all that embark on this game mode!

I cant wait to see the different ways you all choose to go about your accounts!

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