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PvP Equipment!

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Good Day Lunarians!

We have released a new update that brings you some new powerful options to add to your PvP arsenal!

With this update we bring you the PvP equipment you all know and love! Oh yeah did i mention they all drop with rarity?? (excluding javs and axes)


These items do degrade into dust but i have heard from some experienced players that you can Alch them before they turn to dust to make some extra profit. The armors have a degrade charge of 1500 per piece and the weapons are 1250 excluding Morrigans weapons.

All of these drops can be obtained from all bosses in the wilderness!


King Black Dragon-


King black dragon gives you the chance to obtain Statius Platebody and Morrigans Chaps!




Vet'ion will give you the chance to get Vestas chainbody and Vestas Longsword!




You can obtain Vesta's Plateskirt and Statius Warhammer from this not so cuddly bear!




Slaying this boss will grant you the chance to obtain Statius Platelegs and Zurials Staff!


Crazy Archaeologist-


This old man who has lost his mind will drop you the Zurials Hood!


Chaos Fanatic-


The man who tames Chaos Elementals grants you the chance to obtain Zuriels Bottoms and Morrigans Coif!


Chaos Elemental-


This cloud of pure evil can drop you the Statius Full helm and Morrigans Leather body!


Sea Troll Queen-


The cousin of the Kraken has found its way into the wilderness where you can obtain Vestas Spear and Zurials Robe Top!


All monsters inside the Wilderness have a chance to drop you the Morrigans weapons.

Good luck on obtaining these very powerful items!

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I have noticed that a lot of wilderness monsters in general drop the throwing axes/javelins. EX: Green Dragons or Mage Bank Wizards. They aren't listed in drop tables though, (I don't think.) 

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