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Firemaking / Woodcutting guide

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Welcome to this woodcutting and firemaking guide

Woodcutting and firemaking are skills that you need to train together. Thats why they share a guide. The skills are pretty straight forward, all you need is an axe and a tinderbox, both of these can be bought from the skilling store at ::home

All trees can be found at or close to ::teleports -> skilling -> woodcutting


From levels 1-15 you will be cutting and burning normal logs


From 15-30 oak logs


From 30-45 willow logs


maple logs from 45-60


Yew logs from 60-75, shoutout to my homie the baby rune dragon! can be found on the top donator zone


And from 75-99 magic logs


I wish you all a fun time butchering the trees!



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