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Iron Man Storage Options

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Hello Lunarians! 

Today I will be discussing some different ways to save some of that bank space that you and your duo-iron partner are filling quickly!

There are a handful of very beneficial and inventory/bank saving items out there!

  1. Looting bag can store up to 28 additional items and can dropped, once you obtain another it will still contain the items you had inside. (unless pked with it in you inventory)
  2. The Herb sack can be obtained via slayer. 9c093fa5929ffa27d71dffdff1114a69.png
  3. The Gem bag can be obtained via slayer. 449ab201b6655bc1c2c6afdb3a523cc7.png
  4. The Seed box can be obtained via slayer. ace269105af3f7c202d5a9bd110fa330.png

This next inventory saver is for you Ultimate Ironmen, you can store some extra combat items like range, melee or mage inside your cosmetic overrides option. Doing this will allow you to wear other combat gear as a cosmetic variant and pull the items out at will!


If you have any untradeable items and you need the inventory room on your UIM you can simply drop/die with them so they go to Perdu and buy them back as you need them to save some additional space!

I hope this helps you save some space!


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Maybe it's an idea to be able for UIM to use the looting bag on the bank booth to open it.
UIM can put stuff in a Looting bag but can't empty the looting bag since they can't use the bank haha.

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I didn't think of the Perdu one, and I've been here for quite a while! I'm sure this is going to free up a lot of bank space for current and new Lunarians! Thank you for the guide 🙂

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