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Donation Tutorial

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How to donate?

Hello everyone.

I will be showing a brief and easy to follow guide on the ways to donate if you are having difficulty during the check out process.

To access the store you can click on the store selection spot on the website or in game type ::store. There is also a store selection on the client when you load it up.


Once you have the store opened there will be a wide selection of items that you can add to your cart before check out and each type of items are categorized on the left side of your screen.


After you add the desired items into you cart you will then have the option to "check out" once you click this you will be prompted at the bottom of your screen to check out with PayPal.


After you select that option you will be taken to a screen where you will enter the username in which you want to claim the donations on.


When you enter your name you will continue to "checkout with PayPal" but don't worry if you do not have a PayPal you can select another option on the next screen.

Once you are on the sign in screen you can either continue to sign into your PayPal account to finish the payment or select the option "pay with debit or credit card" which will bring you to the screen to enter the corresponding information.


I hope this will help anyone who is having any issues with the donation process!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where do i claim donations?

At the "membership" npc outside the bank at home

I have entered the wrong username what do i do?

Contact a staff member to get this resolved.

I have donated for the wrong item what can i do?

Contact a staff member to get the item traded for the correct item of same value.

Unable to claim items?

Possible username entered incorrectly or delayed payment option used. Contact staff to see if the donation was processed.



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