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Price Guide!

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Last Updated: 2/14/2019
This is a work in progress. Lmk The prices of items and items im missing 
Please use this format

Picture Url (if 1)=

Skilling Suppiles


kqk2otT.pngDragon Axe 20m-30m
dragHarpoon.pngDragon Harpoon 20m-30m
 kvbKFb4.pngDragon Pickaxe 20m-30m

thirdAxe.png3rd Age hatchet 400m
thirdPick.png3rd Age Pickaxe 400m
 wUnnHmc.pngYew Log 25k-30k
 xgazOiL.pngMagic Log 30k-40k
  biYs88k.pngGold Ore
 eLWf4Sz.pngGold Bar

 XacJae9.pngCoal 5k-10k

mithOre.pngMithril Ore 3k-6k
mithrilBar.pngMithril Bar 10k-15k
 pFtrsaj.pngAdamantite Ore 6k-10k
Gvpm8xr.png Adamantite Bar 15l-20k
 BIb1zZH.pngRunite Ore 50k-75k
 pjbzpsi.pngRunite Bar 100k-125k

 SJoIxE5.pngDragon Bones 25k-30k
za3M8hc.pngSuperior Dragon Bones
 OZqGYqR.pngDagannoth Bones
 V2TmBaY.pngLava Dragon Bones

 EWfVAR7.pngRaw Shark
 ym0AYJO.pngCooked Shark 50k
 TQ3FT7l.pngRaw Manta 
 r5b8IB1.pngCooked Manta 
 rYXSDAi.pngRaw Dark Crab
 lZ1ZJ0v.pngDark Crab
 YTREhCB.pngRaw Anglerfish 

 1fHoqoK.pngAnglerfish 35k-40k

h1YOgUT.pngSuper Combat Potions 50k
latest?cb=20131104213506Overloads 1m-2m




Rainbow_partyhat.pngUltra Swag Party Hat - 20b-30b
Fancy bootsFancy Boots- 1b - 1.2b
Fighting bootsFighter Boots- 250m-300m
redBox.pngblueBox.pngyellowBox.pngpinkBox.pngAll Boxing Gloves- 4.5b ea
collector.pngattacker.pngdefender.pnghealer.pngAttack, Defender, Collector, Healer Icons - 50b
latest?cb=201407101152113rd Age bow - 800m-1b
latest?cb=201407101152123rd Age Wand - 800m-1b
3rd age longsword3rd Age Longsword - 800m-1b
blank_set.png3rd Age Mage Set - 1b-2b
blank_set.png3rd Age Range Set - 1b-2b
blank_set.png3rd Age Melee Set - 1.3b-2.3b
tjg7Pog.pngAll Basic Color Phats- 600m-800m
Black_partyhat.pngBlack Partyhat - 1b-2b
Rainbow_partyhat.pngRainbow Partyhat - 2b -4b
Rainbow_partyhat.pngSwag Partyhat - 6b-10b
Rainbow_partyhat.pngUltimate Swag Partyhat - 20b-22b
Jack lantern maskPumpkin Mask - 2b-2.5b
latest?cb=20131024200512Black h'ween - 800m-1.2b
latest?cb=20131119215113Red h'ween - 300m-400m
latest?cb=20131119214909Blue h'ween - 300m-400m
latest?cb=20131119215029Green h'ween - 300m-400m
Santa_hat.pngSanta Hat - 400m-500m
latest?cb=20151215162822Black Santa - 800m-1b
phatSpecs.pngPhat and Specs - 800m-1.2b
bunnyEar.pngBunny Ears - 2b -2.5b
basket.pngEaster Basket - 6b-8b
latest?cb=20160706155430Ale of The Gods - 750m-1.2b
latest?cb=20140429210334Sled - 2b-3b
latest?cb=20160502040047Gnome goggles - 800m-1b
latest?cb=20160706155432latest?cb=20160706155433latest?cb=20160706155433latest?cb=20160706155431latest?cb=20160706155432Ankou Set - 10b
God Halos - 400m

blank_set.pngArmour Set 3&4 - 1b-1.5b
latest?cb=20141023194130Grim reaper hood - 1.5b-2b
latest?cb=20161020162629Killer knife 3b-4b
Spooky ring 5b-7b



Justiciar_armour_set.png?15ebdJusticiar Set - 5b-7b
Untitled-2.pngHulk Hands - 4b-6b
blank_set.pngTrova set - 2b-2.5b
blank_set.pngPernix set - 1.4b-2b
blank_set.pngVirt set - 1b-1.4b
latest?cb=20180915211206Imbued God Capes - 5m-10m

MtepLID.pngOccult Necklace - 200m-250m
HdOSL4W.pngOccult amulet orn kit - 75m-125m
tomeFire.pngTome of Fire- 200m-300m
IbYWtM6.pngMalediction Ward- 290m-330m
RQzo39x.pngOdium Ward- 215m-245m
 VwXhlkJ.pngTwisted Buckler- 100m-200m
 Fs6zh1g.pngDinh's Bulwark- 100m-200m
IggFXgK.pngBandos Chestplate - 100m-150m
C3XW8hm.pngBandos Tassets - 100m-150m
nIL9Kas.pngBandos Boots -  1m-5m
AjVBxZL.pngArmadyl Chest plate - 100m - 150m
WkJ4Nwj.pngArmadyl Chain skirt - 100m - 150m
vdja82T.pngArmadyl full helm - 100m - 150m
RlD2epR.pngBerserker ring (i)- 100m
ONb0gTX.pngPrimordial Boots- 100m - 150m
DRBLIh7.pngPegasian Boots- 100m - 150m
QSc7Q5B.pngEternal Boots- 100m - 150m
KYxBMCo.pngSerpentine Helm- 300m-400m
Untitled-4.png Koleido Cape- 1b-1.5b
9gG7JT2.pngElysian Spirit Shield- 600m - 700m
IJjMNJo.pngArcane Spirit Shield- 300m
z41ZPIF.pngSpectral Spirit Shield- 100m - 200m
0mpwLn4.pngAmulet of Torture- 225m-250m
sPXwH8I.pngNecklace of Anguish- 100m-150m
5MTcKbc.pngEternal Glory - 100m-150m
BhV51vs.gifDragon Full Helm - 50m
latest?cb=20180104132529Dragon Platebody - 50m
latest?cb=20131014043935Archer's Ring (i) - 50m

blank_set.pngAncestral Hat- 150m
blank_set.pngAncestral Bottom- 200m - 250m
blank_set.pngAncestral Top- 200m - 250m
Ultra_Swag_Cape.pngUltra Swag Cape- 6b-8b
latest?cb=20180712153803Salve Amulet (i) - 75m
latest?cb=20160618025003Salve amulet (e) - 400m
latest?cb=20180209043848Bracelet of Ethereum - 50m
latest?cb=20160506110857Ring Of Suffering - 100m
latest?cb=20131014044516Crystal Shield (i)- 50m
latest?cb=20160706160017Ring of Nature - 250m



whip.pngAbyssal Whip - 2m-5m
Scythe_of_vitur.pngScythe of Vitur - 4b-5b
Ghrazi_rapier.pngGhrazi Rapier - 2.5b-3b
latest?cb=20180607112452Avernic Defender - 1b- 2b

Sanguinesti_staff.pngSanguinesti Staff - 2b
cryHalberd.pngCrystal Halberd (i)- 200m-300m
cryBow.pngCrystal Bow (i)- 50m-75m
latest?cb=20151001114822Abyssal Bludgeon- 30m
latest?cb=20140410184229Kraken Tentacle- 100m-150m
latest?cb=20151001230218Abyssal Dagger- 30m-50m

tridentSeas.pngTrident of the Seas- 50m
Dragonhunter.pngDragon Hunter Crossbow - 400m-700m
tridentSwamp.pngTrident of the Swamp- 100m
Dragon_claws.pngDragon Claws- 350m-450m
Armadyl_godsword.pngArmadyl Godsword- 200m-250m
Twisted_bow.pngTwisted Bow- 3b
Lime_Whip.pngLime Whip- 1b
dWarhammer.pngDragon Warhammer- 225m-250m
blowpipe.pngBlowpipe- 150m-200m
zammySpear.pngZamorakian Spear/Hasta- 50-100m
Elder_Maul.pngElder Maul - 200m-300m
armadylCross.pngArmadyl Crossbow- 250m
toxicSTOD.pngToxic Staff Of The Dead- 150m-250m
latest?cb=20140510172850Master Wand - 50m

kodai.pngKodai Wand - 200m
heavyBallista.pngHeavy balista - 50m-75m
lightBallista.pngLight Balista - 25m-40m



latest?cb=20180104132237Dragon Key 30m
Dragon key parts 8m-8m ea

minime.pngMini-Me Pet 3b-4b
dice.pngDice Bag 3b-4b
latest?cb=20141120150425Ring Of Wealth (i) 4b-6b
latest?cb=20170216162525Double XP Ring 4b-6b
latest?cb=20180208204115Revenant Ether 2k
latest?cb=20131027015118Salve Shard 700m- 1b

dextScroll.pngDexterious Prayer Scroll 150m -200m
arcaneScroll.pngArcane Prayer Scroll 100m
tornScroll.pngTorn Prayer Scroll 25m
quill.pngItem Renamer (quill pen) 2mm
latest?cb=20150108113148Zulrah Scales 1.5k-2k
Item Magent 2b-3b
latest?cb=20130225220330Cannonball 15k

Dwarf cannon setDworf Cannon 1b

Donation Mystery Boxes


raidsBox.pngRaids Mystery Box  500m
jewelry.pngJewelry Mysterby Box  400m
sireChest.pngSire Mystery Box 400m
vorkathBox.pngVorkath Mystery Box 400m
blank_set.pngLegendary Mystery Box 400m
cosmeticBox.pngCosmetic Mystery Box 400m
petBox.pngPet Mystery Box  400m
nexBox.pngNex Casket  500m
3rdBox.png3rd Age Mystery Box  400m

Donation Scrolls


donatorTab.pngDonor+ - 500m-600m
superTab.pngSuper Donor - 1.7b-2b

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Thanks for the price guide, I will be sure to let people know of the thread when they have questions! The ones that don't have prices- does that mean that it is in-actively traded, or you just need the prices for the items? Let me know 🙂

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On 4/7/2019 at 11:49 AM, Pookie said:

thank you if u see anything needs updating make sure to speak up.. 

Untitled-2.pngHulk Hands - 4b-6b

blank_set.pngTorva set - 2b-2.5b
blank_set.pngPernix set - 1.4b-2b
blank_set.pngVirt set - 1b-1.4b

Justiciar_armour_set.png?15ebdJusticiar Set - 5b-7b

0mpwLn4.pngAmulet of Torture- 225m-250m


These few are insanely off btw lol, rest are decently close from a quick scan.

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