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Runecrafting guide

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Welcome to this runecrafting guide

So to train rune crafting you will need pure essence, you can get those from monsters or buy them of players
To start runecrafting you will either need to go to the mage of zamorak 36cd5838dcd1501561c76e8962427be0.png or the omni altar.
The omni altar is on top donator Island, more on this later.  If you are not a top donator but would like to become one check out

So if you got your pure essence and you are ready to train runecrafting teleport to the abyss at the mage of zamorak. In the abyss you will find a portal to all altars in the game, see below. Click on the portal of the altar of your choice to teleport there, note you do not need a talisman to do this

To get the most xp possible it is recommended to make the highest level rune you can, in the list below you can find what level you need for each rune.

Air - 1
Mind - 2
Water - 5
Earth - 9
Fire - 14
Body - 20
Cosmic - 27
Chaos- 35
Astral - 40
Nature - 44
Law - 54
Death - 65
Blood - 77
Soul - 90

Top donator section

So for top donators it's all a bit easier. You will be runecrafting at the omni altar from 1 until 99

This altar works like the ZMI altar, it will make all runes you have the level for. But also wrath runes from level 1, you get more per invertory of essence as you level up. This makes the omni altar a pretty decent money maker.

I hope you all enjoyed it and found it helpfull, see you all next time

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