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Server Guide/Information.

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Welcome and thank you for choosing to join us here on Lunaris!

Below will be a detailed guide of what we have to offer and where some useful information can be found. If you feel i have missed or left anything out feel free to comment below or message me directly.



We offer many types of events ranging from PvM to PvP, Skilling to overall activities and i will list a few for you.

  1. Player vs Player competitions
  2. Boss Masses
  3. Barrows gathering
  4. Mass Raids
  5. Flower Poker
  6. Minigame Masses

(we are always interested in any event ideas from any of you so feel free to PM me your ideas)


NPC's you can find at home:

  1. Grand Exchange Clerk - Used to access the Player Auction House.
  2. Teleport Wizard - Speak with him to access the teleport interface.
  3. Adam - This is the Ironman NPC, speak with him to view shops and option to de-iron your account.
  4. Membership - This is where you claim any donated for items.
  5. Grace - Use marks of grace to purchase the Graceful set from her.
  6. Captain Donnie - You can speak with him to prestige your account.
  7. Big Mo - You may purchase in game titles from him with activity points.
  8. Tiggy O'Korn -  This is where you will spend your achievement points.
  9. Oziach -  This NPC can turn your Draconic Visage into a Dragonfire shield for 15m.
  10. Otto Godblessed - He will convert your Zammy Spear into a Hasta and vice versa for a fee.
  11. Emblem Trader - This NPC is where you will spend your Blood Money.
  12. Sailor - Speak with him for extra teleport options.
  13. Four Slayer Masters - Each Slayer master at home gives a different difficulty slayer task from easy-boss tasks.
  14. Merchant -  This NPC is where you will sell the items you get from thieving.
  15. Mage of Zamorak -  Speak with him to be teleported to the Abyss for runecrafting or the essence mine.
  16. Hari - You can view monster drop tables and simulate your drops per kill here.
  17. Make-Over Mage - Change the appearance of your character here.
  18. Decanter - This NPC will decant your different dose potions for you.
  19. Wise Old Man - Sells you your skill Capes.
  20. Genie - You can reset combat stats by talking to him.
  21. Shops - You can find all the shops you need at home as well.

Features to remember:


We offer many unique features that you can take advantage of daily. Below i will list some very useful ones to remember.

  1. You are able to vote for free donator every 12 hours. Each site you vote on will give you the rank for 3hrs per site.
  2. If you purchase a donator rank when you vote it upgrades you to the next rank stopping at "top donator"
  3. We have different "vote party buffs" that fill up by claiming your votes a few buffs are, Double XP, X2 Drop Rate and Trial Mini-Me's.
  4. We offer Skilling outfits that can be obtained from achievement points the XP boost from these outfits is stackable with a DXP ring, DXP vote buff, Bonus XP books and Admin Activated DXP.

What to do after you join:

After you join and you have gotten your combat stats up a bit and your asking yourself what should i do now?

You can come take a look at out money making a boss guides. There is a wide selection of different guides you can read to help you figure out what sounds the most interesting for your playing style from casual PvM to Bossing and even Skilling to make some extra cash.

You can click HERE To view our guides.


Thank you for joining our community we are very happy to have you all here with us!

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