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Jad Hunt

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9edacd3ae8f51a9b3ef2a2bca4e30441.gif220f5e17ece125d9974a599f9b339e4d.pngJad Hunting94205bfe0446b33befaffb184af6074c.png9edacd3ae8f51a9b3ef2a2bca4e30441.gif

Lunarians we will be setting out on a quest to tame one of the most vicious of monsters! On 3/27/19 at 6PM EST the hunt will begin for this beast!

The event will last until this monster is obtained! If you are the person who tames the mighty Jad first you will win Riches you could only dream about!

After you have obtained the pet you must take a screen shot of this achievement saying #drrdeathsjadevent and post it below! 

If you manage to get this pet in less attempts then my Ironman then you will get a bonus reward!


All rewards will be pain once I get online.

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