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Incredible Hulk Guide

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So you want to fight the Hulk do ya? Wanting to take his hands and make them your own? Unsure on how to fight him? Well this is the guide for you, so gear up grab your pitchforks and get ready to hunt down that big green ogr.....Hulk.

Okay to start off you're first going to need to track down this slippery bugger, but luckily for you I happen to have a level 100 in hunting, so I've already done that for you.

Red -is direction of hulk

light blue - are very stable points to rest at, hulk always passes right on those areas.

yellow - is the direction a duo team would take. KBD tele and run north, Calisto and run south in clock wise rotation.

Purple dots  - are both wilderness bosses to be aware of, mage pray needed around these areas. 

Grey/blue - utilize these areas to navigate the map after the hulk has been found. The team member that runs the south rout can use the glory to home port for run refresh and a new teleport for re positioning. 

angler fish and karambwan are the ONLY food to be eaten in a solo,(at a 1/1 ratio). anglerfish can overheal, so eating karambwan anglerfish is always a safe eating method. Experienced duo partners can supplement anglerfish for tuna potato or mants ect.. 

Warhammer is must for solo and recommended for duo.

Prayer priority over eating. ALWAYS. 

Ely can be swapped in a duo for dragon defenders for experienced teams. 

Scythe optimal with a trio, only. ( 3 warhammers) 

The best way to find him is to tele to either chaos fanatic or vet'ion and head in the opposite direction to him so that eventually you will meet up. As for gear you can't go wrong with max gear, utilising the new scythe of vitur to slice him to ribbons with ease.
However if you're not rolling in the fat stacks then you may opt for a more affordable option such as this. 

Another cheap and tank option for this beast would be this option.

The lime whip is a great weapon to use against Hulk as it can hit upwards of 100, however feel free to experiment with your own setup and find one that works for you. For food I would recommend bringing some karambwans as they can be very helpful since they allow you to tick eat if needed, along with anglers or tuna potatos.  


The hulk attacks with all three styles and will punish you if you pray incorrectly, This includes your team members if one of the members in your party has the wrong protection prayer on the hulks attack with ricochet and hit you again! Both his range and magic attacks are capable of taking you from full to 0 in an instant if you have the incorrect prayer thrown up during his attack. He does however call out his next attack so that you can prepare yourself for it, each attack with it's own shout.

When using his melee attack Hulk will yell out "ARRRGGGGGG!!!" before attacking, this however is his fastest attack leaving very little time to react. Because of this I recommend praying melee and then switching once he uses one of his other slower attacks before switching back to melee. Though his melee attack isn't as strong as his ranged or magic it can still be punishing, hitting upwards of 60 if not protecting against it. 

When using his ranged attack Hulk will yell out "HULK SMASH" as he launches out his attack. This is a somewhat slow attack though still requires you to react in time otherwise he'll be sending you home. This attack is devastating, capable of hitting 99s without protection prayers. You can tell what attack this is if you miss the call out as it is a brown sphere that will travel towards you slowly.

His final attack is magic in which he will cry out "REEEEEEEEEEEE" this attack is equally as devastating and will also punish you for screwing up. It is similar to his ranged attack in that he will launch a slow moving magic blast towards you giving you time to switch up your prayer. This attack looks like a typical magic spell though green in color.


If you're up for a challenge you can prayer flick with soul split to solo this boss if you have a scythe/lime whip.

I hope this guide helps and if anything new is discovered I'll be sure to update this guide, thank you.


Make sure you're looting these extra items you're getting while battling out your favorite mobs and selling it to the general store at home which can be found here at home beside the Grand Exchange Clerk!


You can access this  shop quickly and make fast GP gains by opening your donator panel and spawning the shopper pet to sell all of your treasures you gain along your journey.


Thank you for checking out my guide!

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